Around Here Week 20

I like trees so much I’m featuring another one this week, or at least its shadow. I want to wallow in the glorious green of the grass. You can only get that color in the 64 crayon box. In winter the ground is under ice as its flooded and turned into an ice skating pond.

I thought I could cut out the shadow in organza and layer it on pieced or painted green cloth; maybe two layers of shadow as one is crisper than the other.


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6 responses to “Around Here Week 20

  1. A skating pond?? I wish I had a skating pond nearby. I like how everything becomes a quilting inspiration for you . . .

    • The area is a shallow bowl so around December each year the parks department floods it and then monitors the ice to make sure it’s thick enough for skating. While it freezes it becomes a temporary home to migrating geese and ducks.

  2. Oh, I love that photo! Doubling up the layer to make it stronger than the other sounds like a great idea.

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