Running Out Of Strips

I’m winding down my work on all the strip improv pieces I’ve shown you before. Most are in a drawer awaiting future inspiration. One is kind of done, though it needs more…something.

Only one has made it to the finish line. I call it Stripe 3. I’m still fiddling with the width of the vertical outer yellow stripes. The crookedness on the left side is caused by the felt strips I use to try out different widths.

It was inspired by this $5000 dress advertised in a glossy magazine. How can anyone look so bored while wearing such a pricey outfit?

I tried some variations, such as four circles, but decided that overwhelmed the rest.

The circles are left over from a failed drunkards path quilt from about four years ago. Since I refuse to throw out bits I’ve spent some time making, they were waiting for me in my parts department.

As you can see, I got tired of all solids and added prints to the mix, partly because I had run out of solids that played well with the colors I had already used. As I look at it now, I wonder if I should either make this even larger, or reduce the size by eliminating all of part the top and bottom print strips. Your thoughts?



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15 responses to “Running Out Of Strips

  1. Edith

    Well, I like the dress and the quilt! 🙂 I would drop the cobwebs on the top and bottom and go for something darker to give it some weight. The light cobwebs seem to impact the balance to me. Then maybe some yellow on the black print. I saw someone wearing a deep purple and orange knit dress that I loved, but I didn’t think about a quilt. I think it had a bright green too. Its a combination I love in tulips also. Great job taking inspiration into action!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments. For now, this one is hanging out on my design wall while I finish some long overdue quilting. I hope to get back to it in June.

  2. The model looks bored because that’s an ugly dress. As a quilt however…it’s exciting!

  3. Three circles better than four, IMO. It is neat how you note the weight the circles add. I would leave the top and bottom prints and would stamp some yellow squares on them. Just me, just saying! I really like these and I know it is not easy to work like this and end up with an great composition. Someone needed to give that model a doughnut or something, maybe that would cheer her up!

    • It’s definitely 3, not 4, circles. Interesting thought about yellow squares on the top and bottom prints. I’ll try some fabric squares to see how it would look. You and Gwen seem to have similar thoughts about yellow squares.

      • To continue my thought… If textile paint was used to create the squares, my thought was that the print would show through a bit. Using fabric to audition is a very good idea.

  4. I love the 3 circle one! It would be interesting to see what would happen if you did go larger, but I definitely wouldn’t remove anything.
    On the top one, at this stage I feel like it needs at least one more element on the far right to stop my eye traveling off the piece. I think it’s because the yellow and red stripe at the top and the white and shades of red stripe toward the bottom give it a film strip look to me, so I expect it to continue. Maybe a few tiny squares in some of those stripes? Repeating the pink color within the larger blue and yellow stripes?
    Or, maybe a contrasting binding would be enough.
    Or, make it piece one of a triptych! 🙂

  5. Barbara

    The three circles work better than the four. I really like the prints because they are subtle but they give the piece a “hum” of energy.

  6. Really like both of these. The 3 circles is better than the 4. If you wonder about the print on the upper and lower edges, I wonder if binding will anchor it, so the print doesn’t “bleed.” Aside from that, I don’t think I’d do anything at all. For the top one, it might need one more interruption along the bottom edge. But that also could be done with binding of different colors or values. Very good!

    • I hadn’t decided yet about binding vs. facing, so will consider your thoughts about “bleeding.” I don’t consider the top one finished yet, but don’t want to over egg the pudding. Again, binding may well be the answer. thanks.

  7. My thoughts are meaningless, since this sort of quilting is way beyond my creative experience, but I quite like the 3-circle version just as it is.

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