Around Here Week 18

This week I’m featuring my city’s latest effort to give my neighborhood that special touch. I can now tell people who come to my house to turn left at the port-a-potty. A little background – since last July a major storm water retention/diversion project has been under construction a few blocks from where I live. Now that project has moved closer to my house and my poor neighbors have to put up with a construction vehicle crazed toddler’s dream of heavy equipment parked all over the place.

The pile of dirt to the right is just one of several piles on that lawn, or should I say former lawn.

I’m not too sure what this has to do with inspiration, except that sometimes you create a hot mess that looks hopeless.


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10 responses to “Around Here Week 18

  1. Most of the construction is finally done in our immediate neighborhood, but it continues around us. Basically suburbanish expansion. But the far worse mess around here is more like Ann Scott describes — in the downtown/university area, short things are getting torn down and tall things are put in their place. There is some net gain, I think, but it isn’t all good.

  2. I’m pretty sure we live in the epicenter of construction; homes: apartment, road, and college/university. Two years after we bought our home over thirty years ago eleven homes around us were demolished and it has been going on ever since. Thank you for making me look at these “hot messes” in an artful way!

    • It sounds like you’re in a neighborhood where more modest homes are being replaced by more upscale ones. That doesn’t happen very often in NE Ohio.

      • No, unfortunately; apartments converted to condos and homes to mini dorms! We are in a good, central locations that is too crowded and congested. I wish I could take my home (and the weather) and move… Haven’t been able to talk my Mister into that! Maybe that is why I make a lot of landscape quilts – my escape!

      • Sounds like the neighborhood I stayed in when I visited Seattle. Developers were shoehorning in micro condos with about 300 square feet each. I realize that’s spacious for NYC, but for me that’s tiny.

  3. That’s pretty funny! I’ve made several of those hot messes, and that gives me an idea for a quilt guild challenge: swap hot messes and see if somebody else can fix it!

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