Around Here Week 17

It’s finally warm enough at night to set out the potted herbs we overwintered in our kitchen. We have one rosemary bush that’s now over 13 years old, and a sage plant. The sage got a haircut before we put it out, and we dried the leaves for culinary use. I was taken with the fleshiness of the sage leaves when they were spread out on a baking pan. The veins in the leaves look a lot better than the veins in my legs.

sage 2 resized



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12 responses to “Around Here Week 17

  1. Such a neat photo, those veins and stems make we want to so a rubbing!

    • A rubbing is a good idea! What would you suggest to use that wouldn’t crush the leaves? Maybe a monoprint?

      • My first thought and probably the easiest would be to set a piece of fabric (damp or dry) on the leaves (leaves back side up) and gently rub using Neo Color 2 wax pastels. It may crush the leaves but it’s for art! I think a monoprint would be great. Would you apply the ink or textile paint to the leaves or only to the printing surface? I feel an experiment coming on! I’m curious how big is your 13 year old rosemary? Are you able to keep it small by having it in a pot and pruning it?

      • Monoprinting is a new item on my agenda. I just bought a gelliplate knockoff and have been watchig youtube videos for ideas. My rosemary is about a foot high and 2 feet around. Its pot is pretty big. Some winters it flowers. Pruning is hit or miss.

      • We have creeping rosemary all around outside and it grows like wildfire! The bees love it! I’m impressed that you have kept yours alive in a pot for so long. A few years ago I posted a couple Geli plate printing videos on my fiberdesignsbyann YouTube channel. One is using quilted Lutradur and the other is using handmade stencils. Another one of those additive techniques!

      • I’ll be sure to check out your videos. I tried monoprinting once on a homemade gelatin plate and wasn’t thrilled with the results. I’m hoping my results will be better once I learn some techniques beforehand. And our rosemary might grow like wildfire if it had the right climate. NE Ohio isn’t it.

  2. I’m with Kerry (again)! Beautiful photo.

  3. Barbara

    Martha Stewart had a recipe for cookies that had one fresh sage leaf on top; they were sublime. Horse chestnut extract can be helpful for vein problems, you might want to do some research on it.

  4. That’s a beautiful photo–sage never looked so good!

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