Around Here Week 14

My eyes are starved for green, which may be why I chose green fabric to line all the zipper pouches I just made. Ohio doesn’t do a great spring. I could weep as I remember spring in North Carolina – beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, and delightful fragrances. Pale pink and white petals strewn on gravel paths.

So here’s what spring in the woods near me looks like now. Skunk cabbage, woohoo! I can’t believe that Tennessee lists it as endangered.


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12 responses to “Around Here Week 14

  1. The seasons seem to be surprising in many ways now a days. I had never heard of Skunk cabbage but when I went to the link I recognized the bloom, only to discover we have a Western (Lysichiton americanus) out here. Learn something new every day – Thanks!

  2. Did you look up Western Skunk Cabbage? It has large, wonderful yellow flowers that are coming up here on Vancouver Island now.

  3. Barbara

    Here in NW PA my forsythia are exploding in glorious yellow.

  4. Spring in the Texas Hill Country is an explosion of wildflowers that literally bloom for miles and miles along roadways, in fields & pastures, in yards, and even surprise locations (wherever they want). We did a short road trip a couple of weeks ago, and for over 50 miles the sides of the roadway were breathtaking. If you ever get a chance for a trip to Texas Hill Country in early April, you will be amazed and delighted.

  5. Spring here, especially in Central North Carolina, is indeed one of the earth’s glories. But your picture looks pretty good, too.

    • I have fond memories of spring in Wake County NC, and even in central Kentucky. My photo shows a local bog on a rare sunny day. But, it’s been 70+ degrees here lately, after snow last Thursday.

  6. I was just thinking that upstate New York’s spring leaves a lot to be desired, too. It’s mostly wet and muddy . . . then it’s summer.

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