Around Here Week 12

I offer what I hope will be the last photo for a while that features snow, specifically snow on my doormat. The snow does a great job of highlighting the mat’s woven texture. I have no idea why the snow on the mat follows the pattern of the snow on the porch planks, but I like the effect against the ribbed texture of the mat. Note that I took this from inside my house. Our brief tantalizing bout of 70 degree weather has deserted us, and we’ve been back in the 20s and 30s.


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7 responses to “Around Here Week 12

  1. Sandy

    Mechanical and thermodynamic engineer here (retired)…it happens because the air circulating underneath the porch, and around the boards is warm enough to thaw the snow. The porch boards prevent the warmer are from circulating above the no melting. Glad to help.

  2. That’s a cool effect–I wonder why that happens? We had snow on the weekend, too, and I am sick to death of it!

    • I’m sure an aerodynamic engineer could explain it in terms of wind and resistance, but I’ll just let the mystery be. I hereby declare there will be no more snow this year.

  3. A lovely image…I hope you don’t see any more like it for some time to come!

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