Around Here Week 10

I love to see the tracks animals leave in snow, one of the few aspects of snow I like. The deer hoof prints are obvious, but what made those paw marks lined up neatly behind each other that came right up to our french door?

The holly bushes by our front porch attracted a flock of robins who squabbled over the berries this past Sunday. I was impressed at their efficiency in gulping berries. They used our porch to stage attacks on each other, and left lots of little birdy feet tracks behind. I keep meaning to carve a stamp or two of bird feet and use it to enliven dull fabric.



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9 responses to “Around Here Week 10

  1. How fun and timely… My Mister and I recently returned from a short trip to Reno, NV. More snow there than I’ve ever been in and beautiful! As we drove home I noticed a trail of tracks coming down an otherwise smooth mountain, just as you described; “…lined up, neatly behind each other…” Wish I knew what caused them. Love the bird feet stamp idea!

    • Snow offers a whole different landscape to read. You must be a Californian from way back if your trip was the most snow you’ve been in.

      • Yes, born and raised here (almost 60 years). We have family scattered about in the snowy parts of California and other parts of the US but we rarely travel when it is snow season.

  2. Yes yes, a bird print stamp would be good!

    Today I was sitting in the kitchen and saw a bird land on a branch out back. I tried to yell to Jim, “Bird!” And I wanted to tell him that it was a big bird!! But not as big as the owls that have visited recently!! Finally I managed to croak, “Cooper’s hawk!” He did come to the window before it flew away. 🙂

  3. Barbara

    One of the things I like best about winter is being able to see what the critters have been up to by their footprints in the snow.

    • Indeed. Hoof prints in the snow helped me figure out why my neighbor’s evergreens were so oddly shaped. The deer were eating the branches up to a certain height, so the 10 foot tall bushes are much skinnier at the bottom than the top.

  4. That’s a neat photo–lots of action represented there!

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