Mini Designs

By mini, I mean about four inches square, practically drink coaster size. I made seven tiny designs with a small group that is now exploring Deborah Boschert’s “Art Quilt Collage.” The author suggests quick fabric sketches to get familiar with her eight design guides.

Armed with craft felt squares and lots of already fused fabric scraps we arranged our bits and spent some time squinting at the effects. Once we were satisfied we pressed them down. The author says this should be done fairly quickly and spontaneously, but it took us the better part of two hours.

My gallery reflects my love of bright colors and diagonal lines.

mini-designsMaybe I’ll quilt them, zigzag around the edges and use them for drink coasters. I suspect they’d stimulate some conversation about the state of the hostess’ mind.


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13 responses to “Mini Designs

  1. I’m amazed at the variety–you always do a good job of expressing yourself in many different ways, rather than falling into a rut!

  2. These are fun! I love working small and using felt under cotton when quilting. Looks like good exercises all around.

  3. Looks like fun. I especially like top left and second row right–more in that color combination could become something larger. I just read the above comments. To me the curves override the almost-half division.

    • Well they are no longer “above” but “below” now

    • Deborah Boschert, the book’s author, means these little exercises as quick ways to work out possible designs. They’re a lot more fun than pencil and paper and you get to work with color. And yes, it’s confusing as to the order in which comments appear. I became sensitized to dividing the picture in half thanks to Elizabeth Barton. I gather it’s a big no-no, but most rules are meant to be broken.

  4. Looks like an interesting project. Do you have favorites? I do like the Swedish flag on the sailboard, but I worry for the sailor’s safety with those stormy skies!

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