I Lied…

about my work in 2016 as I’d forgotten about two more pieces. I completed “Golden” as a December what-the-heck piece for my master class. I also finished a color wash bed throw I started a year ago. I put it in my working quilt oeuvre (that’s a pretentious word for stuff.)

“Golden” is made with painted tissue paper and fabric. I tried to work on one of my self-identified weaknesses, proportion. It still didn’t pass the Elizabeth test. While she liked the colors and textures, she felt another section on the left side would help the balance. Well, yes, but I have no more compatible fabrics, so I’ll just live with it. It’s quilted onto a piece of wool/rayon felt, so it’s two, not three, layers. No quilt shows for this one.

Golden 2016 27 x 32"

The bed throw I made last December was finally completed by a long arm quilter. The delay was totally my doing. At 72 inches square it wouldn’t have gotten done in my studio. It used up a lot of strips from my scrap bins and I had fun sorting them by value and color.


It’s cheerful and very textured, since I washed it before I bound it. I was surprised it got so crinkly as all the fabrics were pre-washed and the batting is polyester Quilters Dream.


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10 responses to “I Lied…

  1. I love that bed throw! All the colors and crinkles — so yummy!
    Also I think seeing this project of yours gave me the idea for my shirt stripe blocks that I started last year but haven’t put together yet. Now I have this carrot in front of me to get me working on that again.

  2. I love the colors and the delicacy of the images in Golden. Beautiful!

  3. I think they are very well done. would you happen to know what type of thread was used in the large piece (cotton, poly, a combo)?

    • Thanks. All I know about the thread the long arm quilter used is that it’s variegated. It feels like cotton when I run my hand over it, and seems to be at least a 50 weight, if not thicker.

  4. I like them both! It is surprising that the throw crinkled so much. I’ll have to try washing before binding some time. While I wouldn’t want that on every quilt, it’s like using seersucker– you wouldn’t make every dress from it, but very fun on a little girl’s dress now and then.

    • Yes, the texture is very much like seersucker. I got the idea of washing before binding from some blog I now can’t find. That quilter serged the quilt edges before binding. Since I don’t have a serger I zigzagged the edges to prevent raveling. If I had a scientific bent I would make up samples with several types of batting, wash them and see which crinkled the most. Maybe if I can cadge batting samples from fellow quilters I’d do that.

  5. I’m glad we got to see both of these–so different! I am partial to the bed throw–you know how I am–I like practical and old-fashioned!

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