Small Changes, Big Impact

I avoid photos of dream sewing studios, knowing full well I will never invest that kind of money in a room, barring a million dollar inheritance. My 12 by 14 foot room has a closet, two windows, and several electrical outlets. Most of the last seem to be located behind furniture. How does that happen?

I had worked for four years with a furniture arrangement that seemed a reasonable compromise. Then, about three weeks ago I realized if I moved my work table I could get much more natural light and more open space to maneuver around the table. So, with the help of my husband and the vacuum cleaner I made the change. Now, there isn’t a dark area between the windows, and the ceiling light isn’t behind me when I work at the table.


If that weren’t enough, my husband replaced the light bulbs with newer, energy saving bulbs that shed more light. He also gave me a holiday gift early – a string of LED lights for my sewing machine. They’re from Inspired LED. It’s like I have a runway for my fabric.



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6 responses to “Small Changes, Big Impact

  1. Let there be light! My FAVORITE Christmas present last year — and it will hold reign for years to come, I think — was another LED light bar in my studio. This is the second one, and it is over my cutting table. Jim angled it (with wood wedges) so it doesn’t shine directly onto the table top (no glare that way) and it also helps light the room more generally.

    Jim doesn’t mind helping me move stuff (though we rarely do.) But don’t ask him to paint anything… 🙂

    • Those folks who hawk diamond earrings have no idea what women of certain years really want. We use those lights every day and give thanks to the giver; the earrings get pulled out 2-3 times a year.

  2. Your set-up looks great. I am know as the Queen of moving, I move furniture all of the time (and darn it, those outlet always end up behind something!). After twenty years and four different rooms, I finally feel satisfied with the room and space my studio occupies. Thanks for the info on the lights; lighting seems to be a challenge as we get older, doesn’t it?). So sweet of your husband to make your space and work/play a bit easier.

    • Funny thing about lighting is I never know how dim it is until I get better lighting. Yes, my husband did indeed make a sacrifice in that he hates to move anything with me. He believes you get one shot at putting something where you want it, so you should work out the best placement in advance. Guess who likes to second guess?

  3. This is a good reminder to reassess once in awhile and think about making these little changes. I could stand to do this in every room in my house!

    • You and me both. It’s true we get so used to furniture/cabinet/drawer arrangements that we don’t see how they could be made more functional and attractive. I’ve heard tales of people who hired stagers to primp their homes before selling, and then decided to stay in the house after seeing it rearranged.

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