Thankfully, November’s Project Is Done

After some fits with sewing every seam in wrong (I certainly should know better), ripping out, and resewing; I finished piecing, quilting, and facing “Distilled,” my November master class project. The quilting design is from the fencing shown in the original photo, with more lines on the vertical than the horizontal, and the horizontal lines sewn with heavier thread.


Despite votes to keep the swoops in the original sketch, I eliminated them. While eye catching, they made the piece look like a warning sign for hazardous material. Here’s an idea of what the swoops would have looked like.


I did use the black/white ombre fabric, and painted it to make it duck egg blue after I decided the jaggedy fabric was too jarring.


I call it “Distilled” because 1) it’s taken from a photo of a distillery, and 2) it attempts to distill elements of the source photo without any attempt at replicating it.:

Here are Elizabeth’s comments on it:

this came out very well….I really like your abstraction of the photograph which still retains  the angles and the “window” sense…  and the little pops of bright color…
the simplicity of the quilting beautifully matches the  aesthetic and content of  the idea which is very pleasing.  A very well composed and unified piece that still has a little tweak of uncertainly with the odd bending of that one angle!! good one!!



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6 responses to “Thankfully, November’s Project Is Done

  1. Another terrific finish. It is interesting how removing or adding an element can really change the appearance. When I zoomed in on the photo, for a split second, I thought you cut/left openings and what I was seeing was a (green/teal) rotary cutting grid mat through the piece! My monitor colors must be off, the duck egg blue looks lavender.

    • Thanks. I looked at the photo and see why you thought you could see a cutting mat in the middle. I got a laugh out of that. As for the duck egg blue, on my screen it looks gray-blue. Definitely no lavender.

  2. Good work. I do like the reflections/distortions of this very much, like seeing it from memory rather than from photo or in person at the moment. And memories are by necessity distilled (though often embellished, too!) Was this your final project?

    • Thanks. So true about embellished memories. I thought it was the final project, but Elizabeth has given us the choice to either redo a piece or do a piece that addresses our self-identified weaknesses. Since I’ve started one that speaks to one of mine, I’ll finish it and send in a photo.

  3. I like it–it has a sort of Mondrian thing going on! And you were absolutely right to leave the swoops out.

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