Sunshine for Gray Days

November in northeast Ohio finally got the memo about gray skies and cold temps, so I was happy to work with yellow and other cheerful colors as I finished up “Unfolding.” It was the transparency  assignment for my master class, made with painted silk organza.


I sewed down the tear drop shaped organza pieces with a machine blanket stitch, and quilted large leaves on top of those shapes with rayon and cotton thread. The edges are faced and the completed piece measures about 25 inches square. The pale yellow background doesn’t photograph well under gray skies, but the version under artificial light came out way off.

I’ll return to my November assignment soon, but thought we could all use some sunshine.



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20 responses to “Sunshine for Gray Days

  1. Such a wonderful finish! The quilting is perfect for your design. The movement that is achieved by the transparency and the curves surprised me. Thanks for brightening up the day!

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! And I really like the idea of using the organza instead of “faking” the transparency!

  3. I love transparency. You tempt me to try something with organza!

  4. This has been one of my favorites all along and it’s the perfect antidote to gray weather. I see flowers but also a sort of campfire–warmth and beauty.

  5. Judith K Campbell

    Love love love this piece. Anytime it needs a new home, call me!

  6. Really lovely. I’m especially taken with the transparency of the leaves quilted beyond the organza. Showed it to Jim who also gave it high marks.

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