November Master Class Project In Fabric

I decided on the easy choice for this month’s project – the symmetrical windows design based on the Skye photo. Sometimes I just get tired of figuring out tricky construction, you know.

My palette of almost all solids came from the misty coloration of the photo, with lots of blue-grays. I ditched the swoops that Elizabeth so disliked and put the pop of red in the windows. Sorry, those of you who liked them. The window panes are fused, in keeping with my “take the easy way” approach.

For additional zing I chose two teal fabrics for the center stripes. One is saturated while the other is a shade. The only dithering I did concerned the ladder like pieces near the centers. I decided not to piece these, just too much work, but chose some fabrics to give a similar feel. At first I went with the Kaffe Fassett jaggedy fabric, but then tried out a gray ombre print of little squares. I didn’t know which I liked better, so I sent both in.

I chose my rotated four patch design based on the distillery photo. I was going for a flat, graphic effect. The construction will be mostly pieced, with a bit of fusing for the window panes. I eliminated the curved swoops of my original design. The red I had planned for the curves ended up in some of the panes, along with a touch of yellow. My color palette came from the overcast mood of the photo, with a pop of color from the umbrellas.

There are minor differences among the patches in terms of spacing and color arrangements which I want to keep. Some uneven bits need to be cleaned up. The black lines will finish thinner than they now appear. I expect the piece to finish at about 30 inches square.

There are two blocked out photos attached. The first uses a jagged line strip in blues near the center. The second replaces that with an ombre black/white small square print fabric. I had done the first, but decided to try an alternative. Let me know what you think.


Definitely like the blue…it pulls together all the other blues and makes that the soft misty dominant color – it’s hard to tell if the pattern on that fabric would be distracting…so I think you’ll have to judge that in real life…but definitely something blue…
Otherwise I think it looks really interesting….you do push and pull the viewer quite a bit but not in a way that oversteps the bounds of it all working together.
so apart from perhaps a little more thinking on what blue fabric to use (you don’t want that to be the accented area), I think it will work.
another possibility would be to overdye the ombre fabric which does give a nice effect – I agree!!  – with blue – that duck egg shade that you have in the other areas…now that might be the best of both ideas!

Readers, which fabric do you think works best?


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22 responses to “November Master Class Project In Fabric

  1. Edith

    I like the squares fabric for the shape but perhaps it should be over-dyed or painted with some blue? Would you consider thinning down the center teal stripes? It is very interesting and modern. I like the architectural feel and would emphasize that. When I was in Japan once I took a picture of two women under red umbrellas next to a very traditional Japanese building. It had a similar feel. Perhaps a small shot of red? It looks like you’ve enjoyed the class. It is interesting to see your work evolve for the exercises. Good luck!

    • I would paint the squares fabric to match the lighter blue gray. And all the stripes will finish narrower once they lose 1/2 inch to seam allowances. I did originally have swoops to echo the red umbrella in the original photo, but removed them as they broke the mood, so to speak. The red is in the window panes. The class has been good for me, if only to push me to keep going to find the best solution. Thanks for your good wishes.

  2. I think the pale squares matched the industrial look of the windows better.

  3. I’m guessing this isn’t actually a vote. Some other process (electoral college?) will determine the winner, not the one with the majority of the votes. 😉

  4. Doreen

    I like the grey ombré. It pulls all the grey from the squares in towards the center. Maybe it’s just because I am not a blue person.

  5. Jane

    For me the blue helps pull everything together although the jagged pattern seems to dominate more than the dots, which I see as echoes of the window squares as well as good movement. I love how the pops of red and yellow (read poppy-red-orange and butter-yellow on my monitor) enhance the blue tones.

  6. Nena

    The dots help pull your eye to the center following the black lines. The blue jagged lines fight the outer blue for attention causing the eye to jump back and forth. The dots help your eye circle to the center in a smoother viewing of the whole.

    • Interesting explanation of the effect of the little squares. One frustration in explanations of design decisions is answers along the lines of, “it just felt right.” Usually there’s more to it than that, but often decisions are not reached step by step, but by almost instantaneous perceptions. It’s hard to untangle and explain the steps. Thanks for a better explanation than I could give.

  7. I’m amazed by what a difference the two different fabric strips make. My first thought was I preferred the blue but after looking at it for some time I just don’t know! Maybe it is more the pattern (jagged vs squares) rather than one being blue (?). As always, I really appreciate being able to read about your process and I think this is a neat concept and well execution all around.

    • I see you’ve gone through the same thought process I did on the two choices. While I like the blue color, I have doubts about the pattern. And my mother used to call me the “why girl,” so that may explain why I talk about my process.

  8. Charlotte Mullen

    The black and white gives the piece a very Modern feel, while the blue makes me think of an earthquake.

  9. Oooo, I really like the ombred one. It adds movement I don’t think you get with the jaggy one. Other things I like is the little asymmetries, esp the placement of reds and yellows in the windows. They keep me looking at it.

  10. jennyklyon

    Blue also. It unites and the gray makes it go blah (technical term, hah!). I am loving the colors!

    • The overall color scheme is a function of the fabrics in the drawer. I think I had another project in mind for them, but I don’t remember what it was. Tant pis. Now I have two votes for the jaggedy blue.

  11. Definitely prefer the first one – appears more ‘defined’ to me – although I’m not sure what exactly I mean by that! 🙂 I think the jagged line strip in blues sets off the other colours better than the black/white small square fabric, and I really like the little pops of yellow and red.

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