Last Master Class Project

This month’s master class assignment was to make a quilt using one of three photos supplied by Elizabeth as inspiration. Here are the two I used for my sketches. They are truly snapshots with no attempt at composition.





Here’s what I sent in: Sketch 1 incorporates elements from the Skye photo in a somewhat symmetrical 4 patch design. The curved lines near the center are meant to echo the umbrellas in the source photo. I see this as a pieced design, possibly in mostly solids.

Sketches 2 and 2a are the same except that one is bookended while the other repeats the first design. They are based on the Christo photo. I cropped that photo and then traced the trees in broad strokes. I see putting oranges in the background, which could be a challenge as that color tends to leap forward.

Sketch 3 is also from the Christo photo. I cropped that photo to feature one of the large trees, traced it, stylized it, and then flipped it to create an arch. It comes across to me as art nouveau.

All my designs are symmetrical, possibly because I’ve been browsing a book on Notan.

Elizabeth’s response: I like the straight line part of the design very much…but the circle in the middle bother me…my eyes keep going to it wondering why it’s there  – what does it mean?  it’s always difficult to have some totally not related to anything else….take a look at the sketch without that element and see what you think.  It would be an applique after the fact anyway…so you could build the bottom portion and then audition the swoops – but I think I’d advocate leaving them out.

The view through the trees is fun!    l like the idea..and the depth you can get but I’m not sure about the symmetry or about the severe cropping at the top  – in a way the repeated pattern (whether all facing to the left, or all facing out) looks more like a wallpaper frieze than a design in and of its own self.  so it doesn’t really feel complete.  the little tree shapes are nice…but we want more than just feeling that they are circling around us…have a  think on’t!!

You’re right this does have very art nouveau feel to it  – unless you really like the total symmetry, I think I’d just crop a bit off one side or the other to shift that central element slightly off center.
I think it will work really well…I wouldn’t push the symmetry by using the same colors though, or even the same values…I think it would be more interesting to let the viewer gradually discover the symmetry for themselves.

I think with a few small adjustments you’ve got two got possibilities with sketches 1 and 3.

November is our last new assignment. December will be devoted to finishing up our projects. Stayed tuned to see which design I chose.


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10 responses to “Last Master Class Project

  1. An interesting approach–to give you boring, uninspired photos and ask you to bring the interest! I’ll look forward to seeing where you go with this. I, personally, like the curves in the first design!

  2. It is nice to read about some of your processing through these photos and teachers input. I do like the curves, but again, I think it is because (to me) it adds movement (but if that isn’t what you are going for…) The last drawing makes me think of a close-up of corn stocks or wheat. This sent me back about forty years when I made a Notan style hourglass in wood shop! I’m guessing there will be a lot of fabric auditioning!

    • I put in the curves because I wanted a bright color and wanted to reference the umbrellas, though I take your meaning about adding movement. It’s so funny to hear how a sketch is interpreted in the absence of any cues. I see where you’d get corn or wheat stalks.

  3. Interesting prompt. Neither photo is very inspirational to me, especially the view through the trees. I prefer it severely cropped, too. I like your take on the Skye photo and rotating it around a central point, and I think solids or mottleds is a good idea. Not sure about the curves, but it seems to me they create a focal point that you don’t have without them. Otherwise there is this sashing intersection in the middle that might seem awkward. As always, I’ll look forward to seeing where you go with this.

    • I think the point was for us to find bits of a photo we liked and build on them. Elizabeth is working on us to not just copy a photo but to take it in another direction entirely. The two photos I chose were the choices of a majority of my class mates.

      • I took a painting class many years ago and we were told to paint a still life of clay pot with a flower in it. I took that literally, as most of us did. One student (mentally) smashed the pot to shards and dropped petals on top, and painted that. I was amazed that her brain even worked that way. I’m getting better at doing some of that but it is not natural to me. It seems this exercise is sort of like that.

      • I think the idea is simply to shake up our usual way of perceiving a subject. I see way too many quilts made from posterized photos, with seemingly no editing beforehand. My thought is often, why not just hang up the photo?

  4. Doreen

    I like the first one, even with the curves. Maybe put the second umbrella curve in. But I agree, wait until it is pieced and audition the curve.

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