A Year In My Different Drummer Group

My philosophy seems to be you can never belong to enough art quilt groups. A friend and I started a very local group a year ago called Different Drummer. We’ve been following the Jane Davila/Elin Watertson book Art Quilt Workbook.

No one is too sure what chapter we’re up to (it’s a very informal group) but we do know the end is near.  The book’s final chapter deals with embellishments, so that’s what I worked on for our November meeting.

Now I don’t get into such embellishments as seed beads or charms -too twee for me. So, I used large beads I bought at Walmart and some vintage cardboard bits of toys to make “Hidden Openings.”

hidden-openingsThe base is a bit of damask tablecloth I dyed with turmeric. I printed it with Styrofoam plate stamps, embroidered it with perle cotton, embellished it with cardboard tractor tires, and finished it all off with cheap beads. All it needs is some fringe – just kidding.

To recap, all my 9 by 12 (ish) inch pieces involve openings in some way. Here’s what I made for this group.

Open EndedOpen Ended

AnEyeOpenerAn Eye Opener

DD April NotchNotch Opening

DD WallgateOpening In The Wall

opening-up-2Opening Up

I think I missed some months or combined them. I found it’s hard to make interesting pieces at a small size, and I know I cheated by adding or subtracting inches.

This year we’ve focused on various techniques, such as using photos, embroidery, paint, embellishments, etc. For 2017 we decided to concentrate more on design, and use Deborah Boschert’s book, Art Quilt Collage. I’ll be interested to see the group’s reactions.



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5 responses to “A Year In My Different Drummer Group

  1. What an interesting and cool collection! Did everyone use the “openings” theme or was that your thing? I would think that a theme like that, to give some direction to the making, would help a lot.

    • Thanks. No, there was no common theme. I just decided on it for my stuff after I did the wall and gate one. Probably a common theme would have helped the group, but some members devised their own themes such as fire. Others made whatever came to mind.

  2. It is really neat to see so many of your pieces in the “exhibition.” I like them all but Open Ended is my favorite. I think it is because there seems to be a lot going on (in texture/color/shapes) but with a certain amount of order. In the photo it looks like ginkgo type shapes (and a rectangle) in a glittery gold something; would you mind sharing how that was achieved? Thanks.

    • This was truly made up of scraps. The ginkgo leaf fabric was printed with Plaid screen paint in Hawaiian blue and gold dust. I think it’s now all gone. I printed a lot of it. The cord is rat tail in olive. I used some selvedges from silk organza I had painted. I think the rectangle was a piece of olive fabric. The heavily textured fabric is a silk from the costume shop I volunteer at. The somewhat ombre olive patterned fabric is the last bit of McKenna Ryan I had. The beads probably came from Joann’s. I gave this to a friend.

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