A Local Art Quilt Exhibit

Group = Layers of Textile Art (LOTA); members = 15; quilts on display = 34.

Four of my quilts are on display at this group exhibit at the Solon, Ohio, library until November 21.

Our pink thread challenge quilts. One member had a lot of leftover spools of 12 weight pink thread, so…



Our splatter fabric challenge quilts. The fabric was designed by one of our members as part of a SAQA/Andover Fabric contest.


And the artists’ choice section. We work in a variety of styles.



As you can see, Please Do Not Touch The Quilts was well represented.


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11 responses to “A Local Art Quilt Exhibit

  1. What a great display. Congratulations to each of the talented artists. So neat to see your quilts; a couple I remember seeing in progress. I especially like the landscape.

  2. I picked out all four of yours! There is a lot of talent represented in that show. I like the variety of subjects and techniques.

  3. So fun to have a public exhibit. I spotted 2 of yours but wasn’t sure about 3 and 4. Congratulations to all of you.

    • You probably remember the car one and the organza circles. I also did the rightmost one on the pink threads challenge and the green landscape underneath the balloon landscape. We all were impressed it came together so well.

  4. Barbara

    I am most intrigued by the fish head quilt.

  5. What an interesting mix and variety of styles! Art quilting is well-supported in your area!

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