I’m A Centerfold

Thanks to the alertness of a friend, I found out that my quilt “In The Clouds,” is shown in Machine Quilting Unlimited’s September/October 2016 issue, as part of an article about  SAQA’s Concrete & Grassland traveling exhibit.


By chance the magazine opens to the photo of my quilt simply because it’s where the ad insert for a magazine subscription is. Well, my quilt makes a much better centerfold than I would.

magazine-in-the-clouds There’s also an informative article about on-demand digital fabric printing services.


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14 responses to “I’m A Centerfold

  1. Ha ha! ANY quilt would make a better centerfold than I would! I’m glad your quilt is getting some well-deserved exposure 🙂

  2. This is very cool! But shouldn’t someone from the magazine have alerted you to it? Or even asked permission? Oh well, I can say I knew you when . . . 😉

    • Thanks. This may be my 15 seconds of fame. As to permission, I recall there’s a clause in the contract I signed for the SAQA exhibit that gives blanket permission for such uses. My piece was also featured in the SAQA magazine.

  3. Bravo to you! I love that piece. You wrote “…that quilt has very little fancy quilting…” I’d say you should be even more flattered… it must mean that the overall composition made it shine too!

  4. jennyklyon

    Great to see you in MQU!

  5. Barbara

    I just picked up the magazine and, when I saw your quilt, was wondering why you hadn’t bragged on it being in the magazine. I’m surprised that didn’t tell you and send you a free copy!!

  6. Congratulations Joanna! Love the lines and everything about it.

  7. Wow!!! Big smiles and congrats for you!

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