August Is A Done Deal

For once I actually finished my master class project of the month, plus I almost finished my bonus project. As you may recall, or not, I went with the blue/green print of my old nickname, Jo.

Here’s what I sent in:

I’ve gone with the blue and green blocked out quilt, which I call “It’s All About Me.” After umpteen trial arrangements, I settled on the attached. It finished at 21.5 inches square, a serious shrinkage that came about as I struggled with proportions. To get more of a fade effect I covered some of the printed areas with white organza. I used four thread colors in the quilting. It still needs to be faced, but I held that off in case I want to add more quilting.

August2016 JMM final

My bonus “OK Make Do” quilt is mostly finished. I incorporated your suggestion to list ways to make do with handwritten notes around the edges. I asked friends for ideas. I plan to finish the edges with leftover binding, natch.

August JMM final Make Do

Someday I’ll make the black and gold JO quilt with fading/missing letters. I started to collect different black fabrics for the blocks. I decided that differences in sheen and texture would give more interest.

Elizabeth’s response:

it’s so light and delicate.   The colors, imagery, stitching and treatment all work well together…to give a sense of water and an endless horizon.  Who would expect that it began with text?!  So cool that a textual inspiration can lead to such an atmospheric landscape.

[Re: OK MAKE DO] This is fun and I think you’ll have people stopping and reading all the way round with bent over heads!!!  always good to get your viewer thoroughly involved with the piece…
I think the striped fabrics work very well and carry us through unifying the quilt.  It’s interesting…and it works well…I like the little selvedges do…you did “make do”!!


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9 responses to “August Is A Done Deal

  1. I like the transparencies in the Jo quilt. Maybe that is an unintentional commentary on seeing or not seeing who you are, or even that your name is the basis of the design. 🙂 And the Make Do quilt is quite fun and well defined, but has plenty to look at, interesting. Thanks as always for sharing these with us.

  2. I know I always say this but I really do enjoy watching these pieces as they evolve. At the start, I’m sometimes doubtful that things will turn out well but every one of them been interesting and, often, stunning. I like the All About Me piece a lot!

    • I often have my doubts, too. This class has been pushing me to work through the easiest solution to a better one. I’ve found that sketching an idea is useful in that I have something to discard or change beyond all recognition. So I save ruining some fabric.

  3. jennyklyon

    Both of these are fabulous quilts-brilliant!

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