Mixing Up My Media

Not only did I read a slew of books about making mixed media, I tried out some of the techniques. Despite the sometimes odd looking results, I had fun messing about with fabric, paper, paint, ink, stamps, rubbing plates, and who knows what else. None of the items below are meant as finished products, but as more bits for my “parts garage.”

Fabric paper paintI combined several techniques from Sherrill Kahn’s book in the piece above – masking tape resist, stamping, rubbing, painted tissue paper, and paint washes.

printed feather ghost printI coated a feather with paint, pressed it between two pieces of fabric with a brayer, and got this print.

painted cheeseclothI wrapped lengths of cheesecloth around some PVC pipe and painted them. I layered the painted cheesecloth over the piece below.

fused scraps with cheesecloth

Using Jane Davies’ technique, I fused lots of small fabric scraps to a base, sprinkled on some threads, and covered it all with net. I’ve quilted the whole thing to hold the top layer in place. Now I need to figure out how to use it as a background.

mop ragMy mop rag got promoted to the “parts garage” after faithful service. It began life as a bit of damask table cloth.

Other attempts are mere beginnings. Who knows if they’ll end up in a quilt or the trash. Then, some previous beginnings ended up in finished pieces. I made two small mixed media pieces with bits I had in stock.

Minty FreshMinty Fresh was a way to use an old silk screen, and Open Ended was the latest work for my local art quilt group. In both I simply stitched the fabric pieces down and didn’t bother about piecing.

Open Ended


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7 responses to “Mixing Up My Media

  1. It is fun to see these bits and I love your term “parts garage.” What was the diameter of the PVC that you wrapped with cheesecloth and what kind of paint did you use? Thanks, A

    • Parts garage is the term Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran used in one of their collaboration books. PVC pipe diameter was 3.5 inch outside/3 inch inside. The paint was Setacolor transparent.

  2. I’ve long intended to try fusing bits and covering with mesh, but it still hasn’t risen high enough on my list to actually do it! I have everything I need for it… Thanks for the roundup.

  3. This all looks like fun–and so liberating!

    • I realize it’s more efficient to plan a project and work out all the fabrics and quilting ahead of time, but every now and then I have to break out and just mess around with no goal in mind.

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