Pillow Talk

Recently some visitors commented on the pillows in my living room. I realized that I’ve made a lot of them.

And these are just the ones I’ve blogged about.

Here’s a few more.

30 square for 30 years30 Squares for 30 Years was my response to a guild challenge in celebration of our guild’s 30th year.

modern pillow Japanese fabricI believe my Japanese fabric pillow is made from a tutorial by Alexandra Ledgerwood.

Why so many pillows? My upholstered furniture is covered in neutral fabric so pops of color are welcome, and pillows are practical ways to use practice blocks and pieces.  When a pillow becomes too shabby for display I often make a new cover and reuse the pillow form. Pillows as thank you gifts make a change from wall hangings. After all, most people can add a throw pillow to their decor more easily than a wall hanging.



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2 responses to “Pillow Talk

  1. It is fun to see some of your pillows – such a variety and a good idea for actually finishing a small project and using it! I do it too. I find (out here anyway) buying inexpensive ready made pillows and covering them can sometimes be cheaper than buying a pillow form. Do you make an envelope back, add a zipper or how do you finish them?

    • Yes indeed, pillow forms can be pricey, especially if you buy the down-like kinds. I’ve been recovering old pillows I already have, so that reduces the cost. As to finishing the pillows, I have inserted zippers in some, but am more likely to put buttons and button holes in as I have a lot more buttons than zippers.

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