Photos of All Quilts At 2016 Quilt Canada

Just a quick note to let you know you can view all the juried in quilts shown at this year’s Quilt Canada here. That way you can verify the makers of any quilts that caught your eye in my previous posts about the show.

Here’s one more award winner to ogle. This is Crackin’ The Code by Tannis Fahlman. It won first place for traditional quilts. Well, that’s not the first category that springs to my mind.

Update: For more background on this quilt, see this post by Crazy Quilter on a Bike.

Crackin the Code


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12 responses to “Photos of All Quilts At 2016 Quilt Canada

  1. Barbara

    Well, it is traditional in the sense that is composed of 30 identical blocks surrounded by borders, though the block itself is not very traditional. I like it.

  2. What a “traditional” quilt winner – the design is a bit odd for traditional, at least from my view. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Very cool! It is traditional, I think. I think it is a basic block quilt. I’d have to dissect it to figure out what the blocks are! One of the things I love about quilts like this is they stretch my mind in what is possible. Thanks for sharing.

    • I spent a few minutes at the show trying to figure out why this one was in the traditional category. I was impressed the judges gave it a ribbon, given the other lovely, clearly traditional quilts in the show.

  4. I like this quilt a lot! But “traditional”? I fear I will never understand these distinctions . . .

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