Department of Self-Aggrandizement

It’s quite a shock, though a very pleasant one, to open a national magazine and see a photo of a quilt you made. I knew that my quilt In The Clouds was in a show sponsored by SAQA. After all, I had packed it up and shipped it off. Various photos of the show opening featured lovely quilts made by well known quilt artists. I quite understood why the photographers chose to train their lenses on those quilts and not mine.

Then I opened the latest issue of SAQA Journal and found myself gaping at a photo of a very familiar quilt on the outside of the right hand page.

SAQA JournalYou can see a slideshow of the whole show here. Unfortunately, I don’t think the show is scheduled to travel anywhere east of the Mississippi River, though that could change.



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18 responses to “Department of Self-Aggrandizement

  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment and a fun discovery! The quilt is really beautiful. I feel like I am looking up through the walls of a glass building at the sky.

  2. I have had that journal sitting on my desk, thank you for getting me to take a look and how fun to see your quilt. In the Clouds is a really unique and wonderful piece. Congratulations!

  3. Jan

    Congratulation! It’s a lovely and deserves recognition.
    Joanna, enjoy your success.

    • Well, so far my success has brought me a free copy of the exhibit catalog, but I am pleased that I’ve developed enough skill to have my work selected for such an exhibit.

  4. Congratulations! And right next to Elizabeth Barton!!

  5. Wonderful, and what fun! You deserve the kudos.

  6. WHOOP!! I do think that show is particularly spectacular and I imagine it will travel extensively. It takes time to get venues set. Congratulations! I saw it too!!

  7. Judy

    Congrats again. That is quite a coup.

  8. How great! Such a nice surprise, although I’m a little surprised they didn’t contact you about the inclusion at all.

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