Back To Nature

This year nature ruled at Quilt Canada – both landscapes and animals. I have to say that I can admire the skill of the animal portraits, but I’m not transported by them. The landscapes were a different matter.

First up are miniature landscapes. For once the miniature category wasn’t dominated by tiny blocks.



Then, several different styles of larger landscape quilts.

IleauCoudresBrigitteVilleneuveThis one has no netting over all those little bits of fabric.



RiverValleydetailDetail of The River Beckons

MargaretCaleWavesMargaret Cale’s Waves combines storm at sea blocks with a seascape.


PattiMorrisLazyMSweatLodgePatti Morris’ Lazy M Sweat Lodge is set in a landscape.


AndreaBoydWhiteAnneShirleyI’m sneaking this challenge quilt of Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) into landscapes in homage to my childhood crush.

Finally, here’s a quilt with 3D toadstools. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quilt that featured fungus before. They protrude about 2 to 3 inches from the surface.

Toadstools AnnMariePatrick

Toadstools by Ann Marie Patrick


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10 responses to “Back To Nature

  1. Susan Sawatzky

    Who is the quilter for the River Beckons?

  2. These would have been fun to see in person. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. I like the River Beckons and I love the Waves one, where the traditional blends into something more. I was at the Vermont Quilt Festival yesterday and wished you were with me, to tell me what you thought of the modern and art quilts!

    • Yes, The Waves skillfully blends landscape and traditional block. And The River Beckons has a lovely texture that doesn’t show well in the photo. I see from its website that the Vermont Quilt Festival had a display of quilts by Ruth McDowell. She is a master at the use of commercial fabrics in original pieced art quilts. I hope you found some to admire.

      • I’m sorry to tell you that, by the time I got to the McDowell quilts, I didn’t look very carefully. We had looked at a gazillion competition quilts already and the Mcdowell quilts were in a hall with antique quilts (my soft spot) and a retrospective of Gwen Martson quilts. McDowell lost.

      • It sounds like you were spoiled for choice.

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