Personal Faves At Quilt Canada

A few quilts at Quilt Canada really stood out to me for their conception and execution.

IMG_7792Zentiles by Judith LeClue is a tribute to zentangles with finely drawn black lines everywhere. Each pair of tiles is different.

IMG_7794I have messed around with zentangles enough to know that it’s difficult to draw this degree of detail on fabric.

IMG_7795And, this was quilted on a domestic machine.

CarmenHugginsSteampunkJulyeCarmen Huggins made Steampunk Julye for her daughter. Despite the comment I overheard that it had too much black, I think it’s great. The gears are indeed metal.

CarmenHuggins detail2

CarmenHuggins detail1I love the dots in each white square.

I’ll finish with three other quilts that appealed to me for their experimentation.

NancySachroSpiralingSpectrumSpiraling Spectrum is a clever color study and a shout out to June Barnes’ 3D fabric work.

MaggieVanderweitPlaidReflectionsPlaid Reflections by Maggie Vanderweit shows how value changes make a piece. I would have been happy to go with the fabric on the right, but it really needs that lighter bit on the left for contrast.

AnitaPayneFromTheWorldToCanadaFrom The World To Canada is composed of hundreds of cloth labels. While others have used this conceit, I thought this quilt was well done.

Terry Aske, who won two ribbons at the show, has posted photos from the show, so you can see some additional entries on her blog.


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11 responses to “Personal Faves At Quilt Canada

  1. I really like Plaid Reflections. I have a friend with some beautiful abstract art in her home, and I could easily see this quilt hung there. Did the quilter paint the fabric herself (it looks painted to me!)? On a different note, why do you call the use of the cloth labels a conceit? I am wondering which meaning of the word you are intending.

  2. That Zentiles quilt is amazing – and I love the Spiraling Spectrum, it’s very clever. Thanks for sharing these, I could never hope to achieve anything like these, but it sure is inspiring to see others do so! 🙂

  3. Again, thank you for sharing the quilts from a show far from me. Everyone so different from the next. The dots in the white squares look like French Knots, no or ? Thanks too for the link to more.

    • Well, the dots are some sort of thread, that may be stitched in French knots. Perhaps the quilter wound the thread around the needle more times than I do, which would make the knot bigger. And I think Quilt Canada tries to alternate venues between west and east Canada, so a show might be closer to you than you think.

  4. You are right, each of those quilts executes its initial concept completely. I never thought of evaluating them by that criteria (criterion?) but it is a good way to judge each quilt on its own merits.
    And I just bought that June Barnes book! That 3-d stuff looks like fun.

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