Little Bits

In between more expansive projects I’ve been fitting in little works. I thought I’d catch up with the latest here.

First, Ohio SAQA members are putting together a trunk show of 8 by 10 inch pieces to showcase diverse art quilt styles. Each art quilt will be mounted on mat board and encased in a protective plastic envelope with a label on the back. The resulting trunk show will be available to any SAQA Ohio member to use for interactive presentations.

I decided to showcase improv piecing with mostly hand dyed/painted fabrics in Amethyst and Amber (With A Touch of Turquoise.) I found it’s hard to create anything interesting in such a small size.

Amethyst and Amber

To continue the improv theme,I created a 9 by 12 inch piece for one of my small quilt groups. I call this one A Real Eye Opener.  Yes, those are hot fix crystals on it.

AnEyeOpenerFinally, I used my applique skills to create silk insignias on the tabards of Arthur and Patsy for a local production of Spamalot. I assure you these are washable. Fabric markers sure helped.

Arthur finalNow that I’ve procrastinated for a few weeks I have no choice but to return to problem solving on some larger pieces.


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7 responses to “Little Bits

  1. Ann Scott

    I agree it can be a challenge working small but you did well and how fun that you are making the insignias!

  2. I was just thinking that I need a small project in order to get it finished–I am craving closure and am only working on projects that won’t give me closure for months! And on another note, out quilt guild challenge for next year is to do a modern quilt! Uh oh . . .

    • What, the yoyos aren’t going to give you closure soon? Just remember the definition of modern is flexible. There is a modern traditional category. For some ideas you might want to look at Carol Van Zandt’s photos from this year’s QuiltCon on her blog The Plaid Portico.

    • I’m with Kerry. I need a little! Right now I’m in the middle of 3 big ones. One is hanging on the quilt frame, waiting for my machine to come back from the shop; one is arrayed all over the studio floor, nearly assembled but not close to finished; and one is on my living room floor, with about half of the hand-quilting done. OH MY GOSH! No wonder I feel fragmented! 🙂

      These are fun — love the Eye Opener!

      • Yes, large projects give great satisfaction once they’re finally done, but you do need little bursts of accomplishment in-between. I thought I had run out of little projects, but then I found one in the closet that was all set to go, so I tackled and finished that rather than come to grips with some big decision making on two larger projects.

      • At least it is productive procrastination.

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