Occasional Wednesday Salon

It’s fitting I’ve fallen in love with the work of Charlotte Ziebarth, given my current infatuation with digitally printed fabric.  She prints her edited photographs on silk, which she then fuses, cuts up and reassembles in combination with paints and stitching.

To quote from her website: “After many years working principally as a weaver and quilter she fell in love with digital art possibilities and presently concentrates on creating digital imagery printed on cloth and assembled into quilt art.” She describes her work as a hybrid of photography, digital art, and quilt art.

Wave Equations

Wave Equations

Wave Equations detail

Wave Equations detail

Wave Equations original digitally enhanced photo

Wave Equations original digitally enhanced photo

2016 seems to be a big year for her, with work in seven national exhibitions. On her blog she talks about the creation of various pieces, such as a work similar to Wave Equation here. This detail is pure catnip for me as many fiber artists don’t reveal what’s behind the curtain.



Liquid Moonlight

Liquid Moonlight

I love to see all the possibilities Ziebarth tries with the same cloth. Check out her post on a collage study that she redoes four different ways. I realized how much preliminary work she does before starting the “good” piece after reading this. Recently she’s been printing her paintings on silk and then cutting them up and reassembling the pieces.

I really need to find out how she prints on such big pieces of silk.



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4 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. Judy

    lous work!

  2. Oh, yeah, I can see why this would make you salivate! That Wave Equations piece is exquisite!

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