The Garden State

New Jersey gardens were bursting with spring bloom during my recent visit. I spent time at three large gardens, all of which began as private gardens which were donated to various government entities.

The Leonard Buck Garden is a 33 acre rock garden located near busy I-78, with a nice visitor center and a small picnic area.

Leonard Buck Garden

Leonard Buck Garden

IMG_7399I thought this was a creative use of a tree stump.

The Cross Estate Gardens are tucked away near the headwaters of the Passaic River. You’d never know you were in New Jersey as you drive past wooded estates to reach this gem by the Morristown National Historical Park and run by volunteers.

IMG_7384Walled garden filled with the first crop of spring blossoms.

Tree Peony

Tree Peony

Deep Cut Gardens is yet another private estate donated to county government. Its big draw is a rose garden and greenhouses filled with succulents.

IMG_7464I loved the spider web effect of the pergola’s shadows.

IMG_7468I found orchids blooming in the greenhouse.

I hope you enjoy this other side of New Jersey, tucked away close by those crowded expressways and malls.


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8 responses to “The Garden State

  1. Ann Scott

    Such a beautiful blog post today… Gardens are so inspiring (Oh, that Peony!) and your photos are great. Thanks for sharing these little bits of paradise!

  2. Judy

    Forget-me-nots in the one garden? Love those. Of course, they ARE blue and I never met a blue I did not like.

  3. People have such stereotypes of New Jersey (me included!)–it’s nice to see the pretty parts. I love that stump used as a planter!

    • A beautiful Jersey town by the ocean is Spring Lake. The houses are fantastic, if you like Colonial revival ones from the early part of the 20th century set on large lots. The thing about Jersey is you enter another universe the minute you cross a municipal boundary. And I thought that stump planter was pretty great.

  4. Beautiful! I always forget how beautiful parts of New Jersey actually are.

    • Well, most people view the state from Newark airport or the turnpike, if they can even take their eyes off the road. The state even has mountains (those who live west of the Miss. River will insist they are hills.)

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