The Quilting On The Wall

As I noted recently, I’ve given my brother many quilted gifts. To my surprise, he has hung them throughout his house. I took pictures of them during my recent visit with him as many predate my digital camera.

The first quilt I gave him was based on the Jacob’s Ladder block. I chose colors I thought were non-girly. That worked out, but I wish I had used fabric with greater contrast for the blocks that tuck into the dark gray triangles.

Jacobs Ladder

I think the next quilt I gave him was a copy of an Amish quilt I found in a book. The batting was that puffy poly stuff, and the quilting is too sparse for current tastes. I recall that the border squares are made a wee bit smaller than the inner ones per the pattern. That was a pain as I had to deal with odd measurements.


Then, to commemorate his Tahiti trip in 2003 I made Adventures in Paradise, which I designed myself using a book of quilt blocks. At the time I was into secondary patterns created at the junction of the blocks. I remember how proud I was to break into the turquoise border with the blue triangles.

Adventures in Paradise

Sometime around 2006 I made this Ohio star quilt to coordinate with his newly painted bedroom. I sent pictures for his approval during the construction process. There were lots of points to match. I made a table runner for myself from the leftovers.


Most recently he chose Rainbow Connection from my stock of completed quilts. I made it about 2012 and actually free motion quilted it.


Beside wall hangings I’ve foisted table runners and the like on him. So, unless he specifically asks me for a quilt I’ll call an end to the quilted gifts. In case you’re wondering why I never made him a bed quilt, he only likes down comforters on his bed.


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4 responses to “The Quilting On The Wall

  1. I also have a brother who appreciates and displays anything I make. Isn’t it nice to revisit your quilting past?

  2. The was fun and nice to see some of your pieces from the past. Rainbow Connection is especially gorgeous – it radiates!

    • I hadn’t realized how my skills developed over 20 years until I saw all these photos together. Rainbow Connection wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made the others. For one thing, I wouldn’t have had all those scraps.

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