A City State of Mind

A few days in the Big Apple certainly convinced me I wasn’t in Ohio anymore. In addition to taking in museum exhibits and relearning subway lines, I snapped photos of whatever caught my eye. And there’s a lot of eye catching material in NYC.

On a lovely day we joined the flow of crowds enjoying the High Line.

Highline steps

I couldn’t resist taking photos of these ladies at an outdoor table. When I transferred the photos to my computer I realized they are all on their cell phones. Whether by default or design, the women on the left are wearing black while the ones on the right are in light colors.

Alone in a crowdA twisty piece of the old rail track caught my eye. It was far more attractive than many museum offerings.


I finally get the idea of architecture as art after touring the Whitney and MOMA. The hand holding a pen you can see at the lower left tickles me.

MOMA stairsI took many more photos that may well inspire quilts, but I don’t want to overdo the big city gosh-golly shots here.


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6 responses to “A City State of Mind

  1. I like the softness of the people sitting below the High Line and the hard buildings above in the first photo; a really cool composition. I love metal work and the old rail track piece would have caught my eye too. Thanks for sharing a bit of your fun!

    • I needed some justification for lugging my camera with me. And the High Line is such a great place for people to have the right of way – unlike most other places in the city.

  2. Pj darrah

    Thanks for the pictures! I’d like to see more. They are great.

  3. It would be hard to over-do photos of NYC in my mind! What a great city–glad you had fun!

    • It was great fun, though I didn’t include the pics of us trudging through Wall St. in the driving rain. That would have shown only umbrellas and umbrella sellers.

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