A Sewn, But Not Quilted, Gift

As friends and relations of quilters have learned, quilters think everyone enjoys and longs for quilted gifts. However, I had gotten the feeling my brother has become weary of the quilted stuff. The latest gift I made for him involved sewing, but no quilting, and is even functional.

Many years ago my brother traveled to Tahiti and took wonderful photos while there. He shared them with me and I have mentally tagged some of them as inspiration for a quilt. One of his photos ended up being digitally edited and printed on fabric as part of a guild program. My initial plan to free motion quilt it never happened, so I decided to make a pillow out of it with pieces of our mother’s damask table cloth I had dyed. The flange is Marcia Derse fabric.

photo pillow front

I made the back out of fabric I had been given from the costume shop I volunteer at.

photo pillow back

I like the crispness of the image on cloth, but I find the feel of the fabric a bit stiff. I don’t know if it was the brand of fabric sheets used or if any fabric run through a home printer would be the same. If you have a favorite brand of fabric printing sheets, let me know.


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4 responses to “A Sewn, But Not Quilted, Gift

  1. I like this combination a lot and it seems sensible to give him something other than a wall hanging at this point! The sentimental angle–your mom’s tablecloth–makes it even nicer!

  2. I’ve used purchased print-on fabric and yes, it was very stiff. The brand I used also faded quite a bit, which was probably my bigger objection.

    The pillow is very pretty and I love the combination of fabrics you used. The table cloth, along with photo, gives the sentimental touch. But the MD fabric is so close to the same color! What a lucky find! I hope your brother enjoys the gift. My family also is nearing fatigue on quilts.

    • I’m visiting my brother and have counted five quilted wall hangings I gave him, plus table runners. I think the pillow is the last item I’ll be able to foist on him for a while. So far the color has stood up on the photo printed fabric, but it’s been in a drawer for a year, so it wasn’t exposed to light. I’ve noticed on family photo quilts made by others that the colors have lightened. It may be a reason to go with digitally printed photos.

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