Blocking Your Quilts Is A Good Thing – Reblog From The Quilt Skipper

Sometimes you just have to do the stuff youdon’t want to do. After a month with an abundance of travel, I’m just beginning to catch up. I need professional photos taken of some of my work, so I’ll need to wash and then block them beforehand. My quilts are touched by many hands at the guilds and…

via Oh the Joys of Blocking a Quilt! — Quilt Skipper: Jenny K Lyon | Quilting, Lectures, Workshops, Tutorials


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10 responses to “Blocking Your Quilts Is A Good Thing – Reblog From The Quilt Skipper

  1. That was very interesting! That laser level looks quite amazing. I have never blocked a quilt as mine are generally just for cuddling and not for show. Maybe there need to be blocking parties to make it less painful and more fun!

    • I have quilts made a while ago I really should go back to and block. They would hang so much better. Issues with larger quilts don’t show up until they are hung at a quilt show, and then the waviness shows up.

  2. That was helpful–thanks 😊

  3. Nice that you two shared this. I actually love blocking (non-bed size) quilts! The post was great for anyone new to it and someone wanted to learn a different way (and what not to do too). Thanks.

  4. jennyklyon

    Thank you Joanna!

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