Limping To The Finish Line

I had set the end of April as my deadline for Torii Traces, and I hustled to make it. I forgot that April is a 30 day month, though why I thought I could conjure miracles in 24 extra hours is beyond me.

No matter, this piece is complete except for sewing on the hanging sleeve, and that is ready to  install.

Torii Traces FinalCloseups of hand stitching.

Torii Traces dragonflies

Torii Traces bottom

I also worked on Tidal Marsh in Spring, and got that pieced, pressed and trimmed. I even cut backing and facing fabric. I’ll be quilting with my walking foot in hopes of sparing my arms.

Tidal Marsh SpringIt finished at about 16 by 32 inches. I may tweak it a bit with fabric pencils/paints. Once I make the summer version of this scene I’ll have shown it in all four seasons.


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14 responses to “Limping To The Finish Line

  1. Torii is beautiful! I love the color palette. The landscape is fantastic too.

  2. Edie Taylor

    I love your Torii piece. It really is sublime. The colors are lovely. I think you have a good chance at a prize if you enter it.

    I love your. Olof choices in Spring as well. I look forward to seeing the complete series. Happy quilting.

    • Thanks. I’m pleased with it. All I have to do is find a show to enter that can deal with its “false back” which I used to deal with countless knots of perle cotton.

  3. Ann

    Really wonderful pieces, design, and handwork. I look forward to seeing how you quilt and if you “tweak” Tidal Marsh in Spring with paints or pencils.

    • Many thanks. I suspect the quilting in Spring will follow but not be on the piecing lines. Some of the intersections are thick, despite my attempts to grade seams.

  4. Yes, Torii is definitely show-worthy, really exceptional. I love the repeated gingko leaf motif, very subtle. The symmetries and asymmetries, the very strong lines both vertically and horizontally. What I notice about those is the strength of line but without angularity or harshness, it’s still very organic feeling. The balance top to bottom is very good — glad you added to the bottom to increase its weight. But whatever whatever, beyond all the technical analysis, it just radiates peace and hope, almost a spiritual piece. So impressive.

  5. Felice

    Both turned out Beautiful. You are very talented and so glad you share what you are working on with others this way.

    • Thanks so much, though I cringe at the rawness of my stitches compared with yours. Since I’m always interested in how other quilters/artists get to the finished product, I figure may some folks may want to see my steps and missteps.

  6. The Torii has been one of my favorites since I first saw it. It looks completely wonderful!

  7. Diane

    Excellent! I can’t wait to see them both in person.

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