Z Is For Zoom

Before I took an unplanned hiatus from quilting I pieced and machine quilted a small quilt based on a sketch that was meant to depict movement. I’m finally getting back to it, trying to complete the hand stitching part.

My original idea, based on a graphic design, was this.

Z is for Zoom sketch

That morphed into this.

Z is for Zoom quilting

No, I didn’t set in those acute angles. I made two strata of stripes and then figured out my angles to cut and sew chevrons.  The process was a bit tricky as I was dealing with extreme bias once I made the cuts, but tender handling seemed to reduce stretching.

For reasons I’m now not clear on I chose wool batting. I think I supposed it would be easy to hand stitch, and it is, but it’s also very puffy which creates lots of relief. I’ll have to see how it looks in different lights.

I spent a fair amount of time selecting my hand sewing threads. My original plan was to use complementary colors, but I thought that looked flat and I threw in the jade green with the orange. I don’t know yet how much stitching I’ll do. That’s a wait and see issue. So far I have three groups of four lines each. They are much subtler than the bold horizontal stripes. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I also welcome opinions as to whether to face or bind it.

Z is for Zoom hand quilting



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12 responses to “Z Is For Zoom

  1. Sharon

    Facing is very appealing, as any color binding (even the background white) would provide a new movement—or worse, an abrupt halting of the current movement or hand stitching lines, which are brilliant!!!

  2. Yes, facing lets the lines continue, while binding would stop them. I guess your choice depends on what effect you want. I would like to see more quilting. I’m wondering about lines that connect the sets already there, crossways to them somehow… ?? Love the brilliant colors and strength of movement. Good job.

    • I decided to hand quilt more lines, but am working out where to put them. I could fill in between the existing hand stitched lines or expand to cover more area, or both. And thanks for the compliment.

  3. Cool design! Love the colors too. My vote is to face it to better let the lines zoom off the quilt. It has such movement!

  4. Ann

    Edie’s comment was interesting, I was going to say “bind it”, for the opposite reason – that is to catch and hold the Z in. But it is really difficult to make a good suggestion from just seeing photos. I like the stitching, I’d say good choice adding the pops of color.

    • It would be fun to do a series to be hung together where the lines of one quilt would run into the lines of another and then twist. In that case, the edges would definitely need to be faced. However, I don’t think I’m ready to do more of those extreme angles just yet. Ultimately, the facing/binding decision may depend on whether I have the right color fabric for binding. The six I’ve tried so far don’t cut it.

  5. Edie

    Nice design. I would face this quilt because a binding would stop the eye and I like the idea of my eye carrying the implied line beyond the true edges of the quilt.

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