Focus: Fiber Exhibit

I’m lucky to live an easy drive from the Kent State University Museum. Since the museum is allied with the university’s fashion school almost all the exhibits involve fiber of some sort, especially clothing.

I did see two lovely clothing exhibits on my last visit – 1920s fashions and the wrong sides of garments – but I want to talk about the Textile Art Alliance’s juried exhibit called Focus: Fiber 2016.

The show encompassed pieces made by weaving, basketry, felting, and quilting; all meant as works of art rather than functional pieces. It was fun to get into the 3D possibilities of fiber, as most quilts exist only in two dimensions.  Here are two overall shots of the exhibit. In the first, the large sculpture is by Betty Busby, as is the egg shaped hanging piece just to its right.

FocusFiber2016Focus Fiber 2016I had a good time figuring out how this woven tapestry piece was constructed.

Winchester_Breaking-Out-780x300Here’s another woven piece that caught my eye. It’s kind of traditional, but I like how the weaver made a border around it.

FocusFiber2016wovenAmy Meissner had two pieces in the show. Both incorporated old linens and hand embroidery in a way that doesn’t look hokey. You can read her descriptions of these pieces on her blog.


AmyMeissnerGirlStoryFinally, here’s a work by Maria Shell that’s traditional at first glance, but cut without a ruler.

this-quilt-is-technotronic_cafe Maria ShellSince photography wasn’t allowed at the exhibit, I’ve scrounged images from the internet. There were many other works I spent time examining, but I couldn’t find images of them.


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7 responses to “Focus: Fiber Exhibit

  1. Ann

    Wow, I would love to see the pieces in person. Thank you for sharing, especially the link to Amy Meissner’s blog.

  2. What an intriguing bunch of work–lots of creativity and skill here!

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