Gilding Some Weeds

In my latest effort to quilt without quilting I played around with old free motion quilting practice pieces that were underwhelming to begin with, figuring I had no worries about ruining them. I found them when I sorted through my stash of made objects to see which needed a new home. I pulled out paint and paintstiks to gild these weeds in hopes of improving them.

Occasionally I try to work with pastels and the typewriter piece is an example of why I don’t use pastels more often. I just don’t get them. Anyway, I thought some letters would go with the typewriters. I used fabric paint and large letter stencils I had.

FMQ improv with word

For another failed pastel FMQ piece I rubbed a paintstik over the lighter areas. I like how highlighting the quilting gives the insipid yellows and pinks more depth.

FMQ improv

When I washed the pieces I found that I must have used all cotton batting as they took on serious crinkling. I may hang the QUILT one on the door to my studio or donate it to my guild for the refreshments table. I know it’s completely machine washable. The other one may await a lover of pastels.


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6 responses to “Gilding Some Weeds

  1. I love the Quilt quilt. I feel like I see numbers in it, too. What do you think? 😉

  2. Ann

    Your addition of “QUILT” to the typewriter was a great solution. Would you consider stamping again just offset in another color to give the letters even more presence? I’m with you and find it challenging to work in pastels. I don’t know if it is that they seem too sweet or too monochromatic. I was buying pastel fabric once (to make curtains) and the cashier actually said to me “It isn’t like you to buy pastels!”

    • Your suggestion is a good one to emphasize the letters. However, this is one I’ll be giving away so I don’t know if I’m willing to invest more time with it. I decided that my problem with pastels is you can’t get a wide range of value with them, so quilts made with them always look flat to me.

  3. Isn’t it funny how some colors and fabrics just speak to us more. I like the lettering on the typewriter quilt. It definitely gives it more life. On one of the Quilt Show programs, a woman took a beautiful (and award winning) quilt and cut it up to make something new. That might be another way to try to give a piece a new and better life…but far easier to do with one you are not happy with than one that you love already!

    • A recent guilty pleasure purchase was a set of small letter stamps. I can’t wait to use them as stamping is faster for me than stenciling. I have cut up small quilts I wasn’t happy with, but for these two I didn’t want to invest the time for reassembly.

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