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Even though I can’t sew I can still play with fabric. I have a collection of small pieces of dyed, painted, and otherwise already mucked up fabric that I decided to add to in hopes I could make some silk purses from sows’ ears. Out came stencils, thermofax screens, and homemade stamps; along with fabric paints.

My silk purse success rate was about 50%, but I spent an enjoyable few days pretending child’s play was adult work.

I like the results I got from a large stencil of numbers.


I improved thermofax screened prints of weeds.


I added more layers to previously stamped cloth with yarn wrapped around a piece of cardboard.


I made some murky pieces which I won’t waste your time on. Now if could just get my husband out of the house long enough so I don’t get caught sewing.


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6 responses to “Print It

  1. I really like those! Especially the one on the bottom right. What a fun way to expand your fabric stash and prepare for more unique creations.

  2. I love seeing this pieces – so fun! The screened weeds are wonderful. You behave yourself now!

  3. I’m glad you’ve found a way to play with fabric that won’t hurt you!

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