All Lined Up

I had begun to piece my March master class assignment when my tendinitis struck, so I can show you my work so far, but the end product will be delayed. Which project did I choose? Let’s begin with the drunkards path idea.

Here’s my drawing.

MARCH JMM sketch 1 resized

Here’s the blocking with the bias tape sewn onto pieces. My hope is to smooth out the joins once the pieces are sewn together.

JMM MARCH Blocked1 resized

I had always planned to use bias tape for the curves so I could could get relatively narrow lines. I made 1/2 inch tape as I thought 1/4 inch might not have enough impact.

I love black and pink together as I think it’s sophisticated. I used a combination of solid black fabric and Grunge in a periwinkle/black combination for the ground. The only pink fabric I had was silk – an overdyed silk crepe and a naturally dyed raw silk from southeast Asia.

PinkSilkCrepe PinkSlubbedSilk

I found that silk crepe slithers about when you try to make bias tape with it and doesn’t make nice straight tape. I ended up cutting my strips a bit wider than 1 inch for 1/2 inch tape which resulted in straighter but wider tape. The other silk was a breeze to work with, by comparison.

Elizabeth’s comments were:

“Love your drunken elephants [I call the piece Do Drunkards Dream of Pink Elephants] – this one came out really well…and it’s great because you did take a traditional pattern and work with it…I don’t think you really need to connect the lines with quilting [I had said I planned to do that]…let the viewer’s eye do that…and sometimes that’s going to give them two options – which is always good, something that makes them think: hmm,,,this…or that..?  is always good.”

As for the other possibilities, wait and see.


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15 responses to “All Lined Up

  1. Pam

    Love this. I am a huge fan of art deco and was wondering if there was any influence here.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I certainly see the art deco, now that you mention it, but it wasn’t a conscious influence. I started by following the curves of the drunkards path blocks and branched out from there.

  2. That’s such an interesting piece. It reminds me of cave drawings and early cuniforms.

  3. This is a really nifty piece! Get well soon.

  4. I hope your ice and rest is working. I think I have 2 or 3 complete rest days left before I can start doing a few things.

  5. I’m with Kerry — in fabric, in color, the concept is so interesting! I do love the two different blacks. The smudgy Grunge is a design I’ve bought in a few different colors. It’s a great blender in ways solids and even tone-on-tones are not. Great comments from Elizabeth. I’m glad you’re taking the class. I do love her books.

    • I’ve used several colorways of Grunge from this black to off white, and have loved every version. I should check to see if it’s still available. The fabric choices for this one were purely what was in my stash in the colors I wanted. Even if I never submitted a design this online class would be worth it for Elizabeth’s comments on everyone’s work. I can tell she makes every effort to take our work at face value and doesn’t attempt to change our styles.

  6. I like this so much better now, now that I see it in fabric! The color combo is terrific!

    • The color combo is homage to my mother, who used to have a good black dress with pink collar and cuffs. And sketches for quilts can be pretty sketchy. My sketches for landscapes are more detailed than for this piece.

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