Robby Burns was so right about the best laid plans of mice and men. About mid March I noticed I was having some pains in my forearms, which I ignored, of course. Then I noticed tingling and numbness in my fingers. Uh-oh. Not good. Looks like my tendinitis is back, and the only “cure” is to stop using my hands so much.

So, I’m on a regimen of naproxin and wrist braces and NO SEWING for a few weeks. Instead I’ll be doing lots of designing, maybe some printing and painting, and general cleanup. My husband the enforcer is breathing down my neck to make sure I don’t cheat.

Luckily, The Quilt Show offered free access to all but the most current shows the weekend of March 19.  I find it painful to watch most quilting shows, but Alex and Ricky are breezier than many hosts and make the doings seem a bit more spontaneous. And I’ve learned to skip those Bernina commercials that show skinny models writhing on piles of appliqued pillows and caressing them. Are we to believe those ladies actually did the sewing?

But I digress. So far I’ve enjoyed sessions with Sheila Frampton Cooper (everyone in the crew sported bits of blue hair in her honor), Melody Crust, Louisa Smith, Andrea Brokenshire, and Jane Dunnewold. I so want to go to San Antonio and take a class with Jane. Digital fabric printing may be my salvation if my issues don’t clear up.

I’ve learned that Ricky hand bastes his quilts with water soluble thread which dissolves when he washes his quilts to block them. And he has a cool way to run the thread through the quilt sandwich that involves a spoon. After seeing the variety of techniques the guests use to make their quilts I’m more convinced than ever there’s no one right way to do anything; there’s YOUR way.

I hope I get back to my way soon. If you want a detailed description of what can go wrong with your hands/arms here’s a doctor’s power point presentation. Finally, here’s a breath of spring from my brother’s camera.



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19 responses to “Sidelined

  1. I’m sorry you have tendonitis but happy you can still type.
    I actually have a piece by Sheila Frampton Cooper! You can see it in this post: I bought it at the Texas Quilt Museum and then emailed her and we spoke on the phone too. She is so nice and so creative!
    I have taken a class with Jane Dunnewold too, decades ago, and I actually have the pre-publication copy of her book on surface design, because it was a class handout! And I am still planning on doing all the exercises in it “one day.”

    • For the typing I’ve given up the mouse and returned to keystroke commands. I envy you the Frampton Cooper piece you own. On The Quilt Show Alex Anderson showed off a quilt by Frampton Cooper that Alex and her husband own. So you are in good company with your collection.

      • Mine is just a quiltlet. But it is the only time I ever just had to have something from another quilter. I knew nothing about her at the time I bought it, but now, knowing more about her, I do feel really lucky to have it! 🙂

  2. Oh, that stinks! So sorry to hear it. I have never had issues (yet)–I wonder if maybe by being such a dilettante, and jumping back and forth between crafts, I’m actually saving myself from the repetitive motions? Be a patient patient and heal fast!

  3. Jane

    So sorry about your unintended hiatus from quilting! I hope you heal quickly and well, and can return soon to the joys of quilting. As to cleaning house, I do agree with your philosophies, and remember also the immortal words of Erma Bombeck: no one ever died of oven crud poisoning. If you recognize the handwriting of the dust-messengers you know to whom to hand the rag and Pledge. Be well!

    • Thanks for the healing thoughts. I’m glad my woodwork is light colored as the dust doesn’t show up so much. That’s not the case with my parents’ mahogany bedroom furniture.

  4. Between us we barely have one functioning body! I’m down with tendinitis in my knee and sitting with ice packs right now…..and for the foreseeable future. At last I can type and work on researching a new web site platform. I hope we are both back in full form soon!

    • Ouch! I empathize about your knees as on occasion mine fail me as well. I try to exercise so the support muscles stay strong, but sometimes only the NSAIDs get me through. I did notice my knees were fine when I was in Florida. And good luck with the website research.

  5. I enjoyed this post so much, all but that part about your tendonitis! We may rest but I find the brain still races! I hope you are better soon. Be good and take care.

  6. I’m sorry about your tendonitis! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Pam

    So sorry to hear about this, but I truly believe that enforced rest is a very good thing. Get yourself a book of Robby Burns poetry and light a fire. You’ll be better in no time!

    • Nothing like a run through Tam O’Shanter (with glossary of Scottish dialect at hand) to take my mind off my problems. Sitting “bousy at the nappy” is a foreign tongue.

  8. Oh no! How very frustrating. It is so difficult to refrain from using one’s hands (and feet!). Hope the enforced inactivity does not go on too long and you get a lot of educational quilt watching in. With that beautiful spring scenery, perhaps you can get some walking in.

    • I’ve moved on to cleaning up my quilting magazines and files. It’s always amusing to look at the quilt patterns I’ve saved, and I discovered I have quite the collection of paper piecing materials. Well, that took care of one day. Now I have to amuse myself for about 13 more days. Maybe I could print on fabric…

      • You could end up with a very clean house! Though, I think cleaning also uses one’s hands and arms…I was just thinking today of the quilt patterns that I have been enamored of at one point and later looked at and they have somehow lost their appeal…

      • Let’s not get carried away. I’ll clean my sewing room, but as for the rest…My theory is that as long as it looks tidy, no one will know how long it’s been since I dusted. Of course there’s always spoilsports who leave messages in the dust.

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