Get In Line

March madness is upon me with my master class project. This month it’s all about the line. We were to reimagine quilts we had already made as lines rather than shapes. Well, that was my understanding of the assignment, though some of the other students did their own thing.

From my photos I pulled two of my quilts I thought had possibilities and added a crayon drawing I had made in kindergarten. Here are the inspirations, my drawings, and parts of Elizabeth’s comments.

MARCH JMM sketch 1 origin MARCH JMM sketch 1 resized

“[I]t’s a lot more intriguing and sophisticated than the quilt . . . – which is fun, bright and cheerful…but not mysterious!  I think the idea . . . might work better if it’s bigger . . . . it almost looks like it’s a new alphabet and that there is a message encoded in the different swirls.”
MARCH JMM sketch 2 origin resized MARCH JMM sketch 2 resized

“I like the delicacy of the linear sketch, but I don’t think this one is as interesting as the other two . . . however you’ve developed a couple of interesting ideas here which don’t appear in the quilt above.  There’s a 3D effect that is completely lost in the solidity of the triangles above..created by the illusion of diagonal blocks – and that’s very nice. Also the contrast of broken and solid lines is good and interesting…and brings out the beauty of the Stitch, sometimes forgotten in art quilts these days.”

MARCH JMM sketch 3 origin resized MARCH JMM sketch 3a resized

“I very much like what you’ve done with the marquee . . .the lines have a lovely wood cut look to them … I’d work a little more with this idea…it is very elegant and I think definitely the most interesting.”

Which one did I choose? You’ll just have to wait.


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8 responses to “Get In Line

  1. I love watching while you work through these problems and I love seeing how the group leader responds. This is an interesting challenge–I like the circus tent one, too, although i’ve always liked that first quilt just the way it is!

    • The drawings for this assignment took a lot of time, mostly because I had to take away so much from the original quilts/drawing. It’s enlightening to look at a design from another perspective.

  2. What a great idea! My favorite is the marquee. Can’t wait to find out which one you have chosen.

  3. Diane Bird

    What a great assignment! I like all three of your drawings for very different reasons. I like the first one because the lines are strong but also have so much movement. I love text, but didn’t see this as an alphabet – at least not consciously. I like the second one because my eye doesn’t want to leave it. I keep following the lines and trying to connect them into shapes. Finally, I like the third one because of the variation on the width of the line and how your lines are so fluid. Quite lovely. Sure glad I don’t have to pick one! Thanks for taking us vicariously through your class.

    • I wish I could share the work of and comments about my fellow students’ work, but I have no intention of violating their privacy. Even if I never make any of my sketches, I have lots of designs for the future.

  4. Pam

    I am fascinated by your first sketch and Elizabeth’s idea that there is a coded message in it. I wonder if you could take that further. My guess is that you choose your kindergarten drawing – can’t wait to see what you chose . . .

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