The Annual Farm Park Pilgrimage

Each February and March the Lake County, Ohio, parks system hosts a quilt show at its farm park location. Quilts of all types are hung next to the milking room and there are lots of workshops.

This year’s featured workshop instructor is Pat Pauly, whose abstract painterly quilts are quite different from the traditional quilts that usually win best of show. Here are glimpses of her work on display at the show.

Lake Farmpark 2016 12 Lake Farmpark 2016 18 Lake Farmpark 2016 10As always, the quilts were varied. Some were heartfelt products of many years of hand stitched labor; some were kits and blocks of the month; and some were…something else. The quilts I photographed tended to fall into the last category.

Lake Farmpark 2016 1Lake Farmpark 2016 3 Lake Farmpark 2016 4 Lake Farmpark 2016 8 Wendy Lake Farmpark 2016 9This last quilt was one of the few modern style pieces on exhibit. While it was large, colorful, and contained some difficult piecing it won no ribbons. I think that some sewing issues held it back. For reasons I don’t understand, the maker used white thread for piecing. Guess what showed through? Here’s a tip: cover up that see through thread with dabs of a Sharpie marker in the appropriate color.


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6 responses to “The Annual Farm Park Pilgrimage

  1. Enjoyed this little bit of the show here, thank you!

  2. Nice variety, even in the ones you featured. And you’re the second person from whom I’ve heard that Sharpie tip in less than two weeks!

    • This show is a great snapshot of the quilting world as the entries cover the waterfront. I have no idea why that Sharpie tip is suddenly so popular. I learned it from Paula Nadelstern, who uses a Sharpie to edit unwanted bits in fabric designs.

  3. Judy

    BTW, the last quilt was a block of the month. Saw it advertised by a local shop and was sorely tempted, because of the wonderful transparency aspect. I restrained.

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