Topsy Toes The Finish Line

On February 11 Topsy entered the completed column, and restored my confidence that I could actually finish a quilt. She flaunts bold, cheerful colors that are restorative at this time of year. And she’s unbound. Do I feel transgressive or what?

Topsy done

Her curves indeed show off better on the horizontal, as many of you suggested. The actual machine quilting through all layers is simple curved lines in two colors of 30 weight cotton thread. The edges of the charcoal gray felt are stitched down with 50 weight cotton thread in a jeans stitch (mode 2, stitch number 20 on my Janome.) She measures 26.5 inches by 34 inches.

Topsy detail1

Topsy detail2Yes, Topsy is definitely all female.


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9 responses to “Topsy Toes The Finish Line

  1. I especially like how the yellow adds a spark. There is a lot of movement in this piece – love it! I really like sewing and quilting felt. Do you use if very often?

    • This is my first time using felt since childhood, except for a small piece where I used felt as batting. An acquaintance who does hand embroidery on wool felt made me aware of felt’s possibilities, and on a TV show I saw Jamie Fingal extol felt’s virtues. Once I found a wool blend felt I was ready to go. While I’d love to use all wool felt the cost is more than I want to spend.

  2. There’s so much I like about this, I hardly know where to start or how to articulate it. One thing, for sure, is the red edge. It’s unexpected and strongly straight, yet somehow doesn’t contrast *too much* with the interior colors and curves. Very good, overall just very good!

  3. I love her! Curvy and zaftig and fun–she’ll make you smile every time!

  4. She certainly is a spot of warmth in the grey weather. I love how you have quilted the bands and added just a bit more twistiness. I have to remind myself that not everything needs to be quilted to death!

    • If anything, I err on the side of too little quilting. But the bands of color are fused and sewn down to the felt so I didn’t feel I needed a lot of quilting to hold things in place. And the gray and red felt pieces are sewn together all the way around.

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