February Master Class

Movement is the class theme for the month. I’ve submitted three sketches and am undecided which to make up.

I saw boys practicing ice hockey at a nearby pond. My vision here is a sunset scene with the winter sun just behind the left hand background scrim of trees.  The player is silhouetted in dark purple and the ice is scratched up with blade marks. He’s heading home after a scrimmage. I might paint cloth to get the ice surface effect I want. The vertical line to the right is where I added more paper and would not be part of the piece. I am thinking the horizon line might be better slanted the other way to echo the V formed by the hockey stick and its shadow.

FEB JMM sketch1 resized

Elizabeth really liked hockey boy, and suggested just fading out the background rather than defining it.

Nothing like skid marks on the road at night to get your attention. (And was I surprised at some of the results when I googled images for that term.) I would use bright yellow and orangey reds to signal danger. I might add some cracks in the paving. The splotches represent colors in a dark fabric I would use for this piece. I envision this piece as simple but bold.

FEB JMM sketch2 resizedElizabeth was OK with this design. She suggested I add a car rear bumper at the bottom to add a different perspective and drop the green near the top.

In Z I was going for an abstract jaggedy effect. The incoming thin triangles would be at least partially transparent. I would use a much bolder palette than the one here, and I would use a vividly contrasting color for the white stripes. Think Lancaster County Amish quilts.

FEB JMM sketch3 resized
Elizabeth thought this design lacked oomph and suggested putting it horizontal and altering the width of the stripes so the middle one would be widest, and the rest narrowed in a progression.

The hockey player intrigues me, but I don’t know if I can get that one done in a month. There are many unknowns as to techniques to get the effects I want. It will require lots of experimentation. I like skid marks because I love curvy lines and I could use it for a quilt challenge. Finally, Z plays to my love of color combos that vibrate though I’d need to work out a construction plan before I began.

Stay tuned.




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8 responses to “February Master Class

  1. Judy

    I, too vote for the skid marks– so very graphic and I do like the idea of the bumper addition. On the other hand, skating boy would be a stretch out of your comfort zone…

  2. Another vote for skid marks, though I realize you have made your decision and do not need votes! I’m glad you are making both, though, so that we will get to see how they develop and learn a bit vicariously.

  3. I love watching a project go from early concept through the stages so I hope you’ll show us lots of updates along the way! I really like the skid marks piece but I expect the skating project will teach you much more.

    • My aim right now is to make up both sketches. The hockey guy has been blocked out though I need to adjust his shadow. That sounds like Peter Pan, who was looking for his shadow. Sorry, I’m helping with the costumes for Peter and the Starcatchers.

  4. I’m impressed by the variety of sketches you’ve done. To me they all give an impression of movement but skid marks does the best. And while gradation in size does give movement, I don’t know that I would go strictly outward with sizing. Might change it up a little for interest. Actually, color/saturation/brightness would affect that, as well, so the size change isn’t the only aspect to work. I’ll look forward to seeing which you choose and how this plays out.

    • For this class assignment I chose hockey boy as I want to try a new way of fusing to make the ice. However, I plan to make up skid marks for a challenge to use a certain fabric. I played around with using ombre fabric for Z, but I got lost in the logistics of figuring out the piecing. Maybe sometime.

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