Another Big Quilt

I thought that Yellow Jacket would be my last “big” quilt for a while. I was wrong. My strippy squares have grown into a 72 inch square quilt top. I really tried for color blending, beginning with a light center and working outwards towards darker colors, but I had to fudge the corners of the outmost square due to the limitations of my stash.



The change of direction in the strips on the inside was deliberate, just to mix it up. I spent a fair amount of time auditioning border colors before I settled on the gray/green batik and blue fabrics. I plan to use a dark teal for the binding.

ColorStrips4This one will be sent out for quilting. My shoulders aren’t up to wrestling it around my domestic machine. It was hard enough taking a picture of it. The backing is pieced with the largest hunks of fabric I own. No idea where this one will end up. It’s an excellent example of quilting rationalization – I already had all the fabric leftovers, so it’s a free quilt, right?


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20 responses to “Another Big Quilt

  1. Love the strippy blocks and the overall effect!

  2. The quilt top is wonderful, congratulations! The colors gradations are perfect.

  3. I always enjoy figuring out placement of fabrics and blocks. I tried a color wash quilt once but just didn’t have enough variation in my stash to get the effects I wanted. I’m impressed at the gradations you have gotten over so many blocks!

    • It helps that I can’t bring myself to throw out any scrap of fabric larger than about 2 inches. It also helps that I’m known in my guild as a soft touch to sort through the stashes of deceased quilters and find homes for fabric other people regard as ugly. The good stuff got sold off as guild fund raisers.

  4. It is beautiful, and I love seeing all those colors in this gray season!
    Can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt it, you always come up with something that I would never think of, and it always complements the piecing so well.
    No pressure, though. 🙂

  5. Ursula

    Love the colour gradation. If only my stash were this colourful, it’s certainly huge and could do with some mindless sewing, ha, ha.

  6. It’s beautiful. Will you not use it? I know it’s kind of big for a couch throw, too small for a bed quilt. But really lovely.

  7. I really love this one! I’ve always liked quits that use color gradations and your strippy squares work beautifully!

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