My Vacation in Ten Photos

Offer of free condo + cheap fare on nonstop flight = January vacation in Fort Myers.


lunchDixieFishView from Dixie Fish (San Carlos Island) at lunch.

LoversKey9Beach at Lovers Key State Park.

SWFQGshowquilt5Southwest Florida Quilters Guild show.

BowmansBeach3Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island.

IMG_6934Waterfowl, Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.

TricoShrimpWhat’s for dinner? Shrimp from Trico Seafood.

6MileCypress4Six Mile Cypress Slough.


BarefootBeach10A modest residence near Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs (NOT where we stayed.)

ToriiTracesDetailMy Florida hand stitching project.




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12 responses to “My Vacation in Ten Photos

  1. Looks like you had a great vacation. I was at Bowman Beach last March and loved it. Did you find any good sea shells? Glad you enjoyed!

    • At Bowman’s Beach my attention was caught by a large starfish that looked quite fresh. I don’t know if it was alive, but since I had been warned at other beaches not to haul off starfish, alive or dead, I left it be.

  2. I completely enjoyed YOUR vacation – Thanks!

  3. That is quite close to where I spend my vacations when I make it to the US, not far from where my mom is. Too bad I wasn’t there when you were!

  4. These are very welcome photos on morning when it’s 4 degrees here! Our friends stay on Sanibel every winter so we’ve experienced Ding Darling and the beaches–I’m so glad you had the chance to go!

    • Over 20 years ago we spent time on Captiva Island, so it was a shock to see some of the changes. Personally, I think it’s nuts to drive through Ding Darling on Wildlife Drive. Talk about an oxymoron. But I was glad to see so many people biking. If you build a bike path they will come.

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