Cleaning Out My Bookmarks

After a frustrating search for a recipe I had bookmarked on my computer, I decided to do some sorting and tossing. In the process I found websites I had bookmarked with the notion of passing them along. Perhaps you’ll find them useful.

To wash or not to wash fabric for quilts is often discussed without any definitive answers. Here’s two articles on this issue. One, from Craftsy, gives tips for when to wash and how to wash for best results. The other, from That’s What She Sewed, reports shrink test results for fabric squares from 13 different manufacturers. There were surprising differences in shrinkage and fraying among the fabrics tested. I always wash my washable fabrics, mostly because I began my stash that way, and I don’t want to combine washed and unwashed. Also, I sometimes use old clothes, linens, and fabrics of unknown origin; and I have no idea what might be in/on them. That said, it probably makes no difference for wall quilts I’ll never wash.

Another aspect of textile care is vintage quilts. The Smithsonian’s Division of Textiles prepared a fact sheet on Victorian silk quilts. Vacuuming is the only way they recommend to clean them. They should be stored in a dry, dark area. So much for draping Aunt Clara’s crazy quilt over a chair.

Since quilters always moan about math, here’s a link to quilters’ reference cards you can print out. The most useful for me is the conversion from fractions of yards to inches, though the fractions to decimals card looks handy as well. I still remember how to do these conversions, but the calculator is kept downstairs and I’m lazy.

Of course I have to include a link to a small project, potholders for example. I like these instructions because you don’t have to bind the edges and you make a nice large hanging loop.

And just because, here’s a link to knitted botanicals. Never in a thousand years would I have thought of knitting a tiger lily. However, Tatyana Yanishevsky did.

KnittedTigerLilyTatyanaYanishevskyHave fun cluttering up your bookmarks.


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8 responses to “Cleaning Out My Bookmarks

  1. I have pretty good luck saving/organizing my recipes on Pinterest. Much easier to find than in my bookmarks 😊

    • I do have some recipes on Pinterest, but my recipe collection was started before I started using that, so my recipes are scattered. And then there’s my New York Times recipe app….

  2. I agree with you about washing the fabric but I always think of it as just an excuse to fondle it one more time! I love the Lily and other botanical pieces on that link. So did you ever find the recipe?

  3. A quarter inch shrinkage in 6.5″ is 1.38″ in a yard. I would sure rather have that happen before I build a quilt than afterwards. And I’d rather have all my fabrics start from the same place — shrunk — than have uneven shrinkage after the fact.

    Thanks for the links. Those were good. I hope your new year is starting well. I feel like I’m in slow-mo…

    • I guess if you use fabric from the same line the shrinkage would be the same, but I never do that. You can prewash your fabric and still get the crinkly quilt effect by choosing cotton batting, which shrinks nicely when the finished quilt is washed. And I’m starting off 2016 with too much on my quilting plate. Too many challenges are due about the same time, and I’m taking a year long online course. I just have to find some cross linkages

  4. I will go and add some of these sites to my (disorganized and overwhelming) list of bookmarks!

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