Santa Drove A U-Haul

After a couple has been together for many years it can be hard to find a gift that is exactly what the other wants, gift cards aside. Of course, trips are lovely, as are unique services. Last year my husband gave me a first class plane ticket home from California. I guess he wanted to give me a incentive to return to Ohio.

This year I decided to spare him the agony of finding a holiday gift for me. I told him I wanted a design wall. I’ve been using the flannel side of a vinyl tablecloth. It’s worked fine but the flannel is quite thin in areas and I wanted to be able to stick pins in my design wall without sticking pins in the drywall.

A quick explanation of how insulation board can be a design wall cleared up his blank expression. We checked the 4 by 8 foot insulation board options at the big box DIY store websites and found the thickness I wanted – 2 inches.

Buying the board was the easy part. The hard part was to get it to our house. Neither of our vehicles is large enough to carry it safely. My husband ruled out tying it to the roof. The stores wanted $70 for home delivery. Luckily we could rent a van (those ubiquitous white ones) for $20+ day from a postal services store about a mile from our house.

I swanned off to an art quilt group meeting and my husband did the renting and transporting. When I came home the board was in my studio in all its pink glory. We got to work with duck tape and gray fleece to cover the board. I had taken advantage of a big sale on cheap fleece and bought yards of it in anticipation of just such a need.


My gorgeous board is now covered with a winter landscape in progress. I just love sticking pins in it.



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6 responses to “Santa Drove A U-Haul

  1. Yay for you! Your wip landscape is looking beautiful! I look forward to seeing how it progresses and how you finish it.

  2. I’m glad you got your design wall. I love mine and can’t imagine designing the way I used to by laying everything on the floor and standing on a chair.
    Your landscape is pretty nice too.
    I recently found one I started a few years ago and plan on jumping back into it again soon.
    Enjoy! Can’t wait to see the results.

    • The landscape still looks pretty much like the photo in the post. I’ve been mentally working on it, but haven’t actually changed any of the fabrics. Now my floor is covered with a 60 inch square “traditional” quilt top. Since the blocks are backed with paper, they don’t stick well to any design wall. I’ll look forward to seeing your rediscovered landscape.

  3. You’ll consider this one of your all-time favorite gifts, I bet!

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