Bring On The Heat

Recently I wrote about quilt challenges. No sooner was that published than I was given yet another challenge for January by an art quilt group – something that screams “hot.” I thought about creating a quilt with a hot guy or hot food, but decided on an easier route.

That same group had done a make someone else’s quilt swap, where we brought stuff to put on each others starter squares. We had about 10 minutes with each person’s square to add something to it.  The squares made their way around the room and returned to their owners in often unrecognizable form. We had the most fun with a blank cloth doll that acquired all the accoutrements of a stripper, plus tattoos.

Mine began with textured sprayed on orange, aqua, and blue paint.


It was returned to me with an orange flower, a metal wheel trimmed with beads, hand stitching, and lots of buttons.

Since orange is a hot color I decided to work more flowers into my square and convert the metal wheel to a sun. I learned it’s tricky to free motion quilt around buttons. All too often my sewing machine foot would get hung up on them. I hope “Orange Blossom Special” will be hot enough.

Orange Blossom Special

Orange Blossom detail 3


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7 responses to “Bring On The Heat

  1. When I first saw the unadorned fabric, I though it looked a little like it had been scorched with a hot iron! It’s fascinating to see how it was added to and how you chose to finish it!

  2. That is such a fun group idea. I think the pieces works well for the “Hot” theme. Your background started a great composition and I love the color combination.

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