A Farewell To Autumn

After I made leaves out of organza I wanted to use them in the pieces I devised for my online Mixing Up Media course. This is how series come about.

Two pieces are done – the painted over tissue paper one I’ve shown before

MackJoannaAllFallDownFinaland Ruined Choir Lofts, my attempt to work with painted interfacing, tissue paper, organza, and mylar. The mylar wasn’t part of the course, but I had some and wanted to try distressing it with heat. I also used it to make more leaves.

MackJoannaChoirLofts2I found out that mylar doesn’t take paint well and, like carmelizing sugar, the line between satisfyingly browned and burned is very fine. I spent more time than I should have trying to tone down the shine.

The bottom layer is painted tissue fused to muslin and backing fabric. It’s coated with matte gel medium. The resulting “fabric” is actually fairly tough and sews fine. You just can’t rip out stitching without the needle holes showing.

The top layer is painted and stamped interfacing under silk organza colored with bleeding tissue paper. They’re free motion quilted to craft felt. I sewed that layer to the bottom and then added branches and leaves. The outer edges are colored with a brown marker and couched with a variegated thin yarn.

The instructor suggested I add more partial leaves coming in from the edges in different colors, like aqua; and a thicker yarn around the edges.  She said what I’ve done is a bit safe and encouraged me to get edgier. We’ll see how I feel after a few months have passed.

I know that two items do not make a series, so I have other nascent pieces based on stencils of bare trees. For now, I’ve tucked them away to make room for my winter landscape. More on that in the future, sometime after December 21.




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2 responses to “A Farewell To Autumn

  1. I like seeing the variations on the theme and look forward to more. The subtlety of color is really neat. And what is it about teachers, anyway, always telling us we’re playing it safe?!

    • The colors you can get from the ink sprays are intense. I learned it was best to spray lightly and wait a minute to see how the color blossomed before adding more color. Teachers, well, they do like to prod you. But then, they probably have seen far more “safe” stuff than I have.

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