Scrooge’s Holiday Decor

Even though Scrooge lives at my house (Scrooge, c’est moi) I succumb to a bit of holiday cheer in the form of seasonal quilts.  I made them, so I might as well get some use out of them. Please note that my holiday quilts have no angels, snowmen, snowflakes, ornaments, or Santas on them. They are piecing exercises that happen to be made in green and red fabric.

The first one, a table runner, used up the leftover half square triangles I made in a class on pressing.


Here are the rest of the half square triangles. My points have never been so perfect since.


The second one was my first experiment back in 2011 with less than symmetrical log cabin type piecing. I won a gift certificate to a local quilt shop and happened to go shopping when the holiday fabric was in stock. I liked the holly leaves.

XmasBoxesAside from My Brain On Xmas, which I meant as irony, I haven’t gone near a holiday theme since.

My Brain On XmasIt says something that I gave away over half my Christmas stuff to a thrift store last year. I did keep the beautiful and sentimental ornaments, but I feel so much better with all that stuff out of the house.

And don’t get me started on Christmas sweaters. I’ve never owned one, though as a girl I had a red felt poodle skirt decorated with sequin trimmed reindeer. I found out sweaters are now being made deliberately ugly. Yes, hipness is now involved. Tipsy Elves promises ugly and tacky sweaters. My Ugly Christmas Sweater features sweaters with the likeness of Donald Trump and other presidential candidates.  Yet other sites offer vintage ugly Christmas sweaters. I find it bizarre that people are willing to pay good money for ugly drek, but I realize that applies to products far beyond sweaters.

Well, I feel better now that some of my pent up Scrooge-ness has been let out.  I am still very much in favor of Christmas cookies, though.


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12 responses to “Scrooge’s Holiday Decor

  1. Let me just go on record as saying I would sooner go to a party naked than wearing a sweater with Donald Trump on it. I like Christmas as a concept but we generally do very little decorating, even though we have decorations I love. I’ve made some ornaments by hand but never done a big Christmas quilt or project–like you, I can’t bring myself to spend the time on something that is only relevant for a few weeks a year.

    • The way things are going you may get your wish. My favorite story of decor driven entertaining is a friend of my aunt’s who always gave dinner parties just in December because she had Christmas china for twelve.

  2. debby

    I’m feeling the need to let out a bit of my Scroogeness myself! LOVE your last sentence 🙂

  3. Sandy arhelger

    I don’t do much Christmas either anymore. The last child left home three years ago, and me and hubby just aren’t impressed with wasting a day decorating anymore. I do have a prelit, three foot tree that sits in my livingroom on a desk, since our youngest and her fiancé come over to open gifts on Christmas morning. I have to at least give it a nod. I’ve just realized though that in thirty five years of quilting, I’ve NEVER made a Christmas quilt. I don’t think I have a piece of Christmas fabric in my stash. hmmmm.

    • I think our stashes would be quite compatible. Of course, I don’t have grandchildren or young nieces/nephews to make stuff for out of Frozen fabrics. And I like to make seasonal, rather than holiday, quilts. You can get more use out of them.

    • I’ve made a couple of stockings, and a few years ago made snowmen placemats for a niece with 3 young kids. Other than that… nope, I don’t think I’ve made Christmas quilts, either!

  4. love the log cabin, especially. You achieved something I rarely see: asymmetry that looks natural instead of contrived. And the placement of value and color is nicely balanced.

    We don’t decorate much, either. Our Christmas tree is a 2′ pre-lit on a table at our front entry, plus the long garlands across the long mantel in the living room. Those and a twig wreath is about it. It’s pretty but not overwhelming at all, and for sure it doesn’t get in the way!

    • Thanks for the nice things you said about the log cabin quilt. The silence at my guild meeting when I showed it was deafening. I could hear all the thoughts of “that isn’t symmetrical” running through members’ heads. I did have to laugh when I came home the other night and noticed that two of my neighbors have wire deer trimmed with lights in their yards. We are overrun with the real kind so I don’t understand why anyone would want to add to their number.

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