Rising to Challenges

In an earlier post I talked about a challenge quilt I made for an art quilt group. Now that we’ve shown each other our challenge quilts I can show you the whole piece – all 12.5 by 15.5 inches of it. Its title has changed to “Disappearing Diamonds” due to a senior moment when I was making the label. Diamonds may be forever in those ads, but on my quilts they don’t have the same staying power.

Dissolving Diamonds

As I tucked this sketch away in a drawer I looked at some of the other small quilts I’ve made for various challenges. Quilters seem to like challenges, whether the theme be color, size, fabric, or subject. My latest challenge piece was based on thread, but I’ve covered other common themes as well.

Three to one ratio:


Candy wrapper:

Dandy Candy

Paint chip color names with your initials:




Make Do finished2I think there’s been others I’ve forgotten about. I know there’s one I would burn if I weren’t afraid it would create a health hazard.


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6 responses to “Rising to Challenges

  1. I love Fluidity too, but what I really like best is that you create such a variety.

    • These little pieces are a great way to try something different as usually they don’t consume large blocks of time. If, however, you really get into beading, as a friend did, a 12 inch square piece can gobble up your time.

  2. It’s fun to see all of these in one place–it gives a good sense of how responding to a challenge can get a quilter to explore ideas and end up with really different results.

    • One of the fun aspects of challenges is the reveal – when the participants show each other their work. The quilts made for the latest challenge included a woman in the shower, neutrinos in space, a garden trellis, and a polio virus.

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